Tulane college core classes?

<p>what are core requirement classes?</p>

<p>I believe they have distributioin requirements, rather than core classes, in (1) Humanities and Fine Arts, (2) Social Sciences (3) Math/Science. I think it might vary depending on whether you are in Coll. of Engineering, LAS, etc., but about 9 credits in each of the 3 areas.</p>

<p>from the course catalouge: (for Tulane and Newcomb colleges, the liberal art colleges)
three humanities courses (9 credits)
three social sciences courses (9 credits)
three science or math courses (9 credits)
all from atleast two different dicipline</p>

<p>proficiency in: (can place out with APs or sometimes SATs/SAT II's/ACTs)
Foreign language

<p>and there is a writing requirement where you need to take a writing class</p>