Tulane Dorms

<p>Can current students or visitors give a quick summary on each of the freshman dorms at tulane? monroe, sharp, wall, etc.! thanks!</p>

<p>Not sure how many current students still read this forum but you can see photos and floor plans for each dorm from tulane website... do search on housing and you can use housing links pulldown to select what you'd like.</p>

<p>If you're interested in social life information you may have more luck on the Facebook "Class of 2012" group. There are students on that that respond fairly quickly to questions.
Link: Login</a> | Facebook</p>

<p>The tour I went on took us through Patterson. Patterson's much smaller than Monroe and Sharpe but the tour guide said the rooms were about the same.
I've heard that Wall is the only dorm where the rooms are different. My tour guide is a freshman currently living in Wall and she loves it. She said the rooms are a bit nicer (it's a relatively new building, I believe) and she couldn't have said enough good things about the atmosphere in the dorm. </p>

<p>The room we saw was definitely comfortable. It had air conditioning (a must in NOLA!!), heat, and if I remember correctly, it seemed pretty wireless friendly. It wasn't a palace by any means, but definitely comfortable.</p>

<p>S lived in Monroe as a freshman. He says that his friends who were in Sharp wished they'd been in Monroe, mostly because Sharp was so beat up. However, I believe Sharp has since been renovated (last summer?). Both Monroe and Sharp have reputations among the students for being a great place to meet lots of students, but also can get crazier in the dorms than Patterson or Butler. Socially, the Monroe/Sharp dorms seem to be have more going on. This can be a challenge if you're looking for lots of peace and quiet to study, though.</p>

<p>The sophomore dorms (ie Phelps/Irby) were the worst, with options improving as an upperclassman. My S really enjoyed overall his experience in Monroe and felt it was much nicer than when he was a sophomore.</p>

<p>My S from California is a freshman in Sharp and loves it. Most of the students on his floor are from Massachusetts and my S has made fast friends with East Coast kids . Sharp and Monroe are so big, I think it would be the best place to meet a bunch of students. Our S hopes to be an RA next year. I have to admit I was worried about our S going so far away from home, however, I had nothing to worry about, he is thriving, in an exciting city at one of the best Universities in the United States. Tulane!</p>

<p>I'm a current freshman living in Wall and I will be returning next year. I just want to say that Wall has been an excellent experience for me. I know a lot of people think that it's less social because it's suite style, but I haven't had any problems meeting people. I suppose it also depends on your personality. Stereotypically sharp/monroe are the "loud, party, drinking" freshman dorms. Wall/butler/patterson/JL are more "quiet." Personally, I am a "nerd" who also loves meeting people, but I also know lots of more sociable people in Wall, too.</p>

<p>You meet all types of people in each dorm, for the most part. Obviously, Butler's going to be the quietest, while Sharp and Monroe may be a little more social. I lived in Sharp as a freshman and it has NOT been renovated. I loved it. It was your typical freshman dorm--slightly run-down, but amazing community, and I know none of my friends would have wanted to live anywhere else.</p>

<p>As for sophomore dorms, Irby, Phelps, and Warren aren't great--though some people love their setups--but Wall is very nice for sophomores, and the biggest sophomore dorm is Mayer, which is only about 7 or 8 years old and is beautiful. So most sophomores live there anyway, especially this year since the sophomore class is so small.</p>

<p>when i visited, everyone told me to not live in butler. literally, everyone. i was there for honors weekend and there was an "open house" sort of thing in butler and we went into the bathrooms - really really gross. i know you can't expect college bathrooms to be the cleanest, but there was hair everywhere and scum and i didn't even want to wash my hands in the sinks. the rooms seemed fine, though. students said butler is not a fun place to live, though.</p>

<p>My D lives in Butler and has had a great time there this year. She has found a group of friends that have a lot of fun together. Some of her current friends even moved from other dorms during fall semester into free spots in Butler because they found they spent more time in Butler than their assigned dorms. The one difference is that it doesn't seem to have the partying crowd that returns in the middle of the night with yelling/random door knocking that sometimes occurs in colleges.
You may get more varied opinions from Tulane facebook group for high school network since I think about 3 or 4 Tulane students routinely provide input regarding dorms.</p>

<p>that's a good idea, hover. i do find that the tulane high school network group is always ready with information, but it's a little less active than the tulane class of 2012 group. so try both!</p>