Tulane EA 2025 Decisions

Thank you @jym626. Rice would be substantially cheaper. D21 always pictured herself as a sorority girl, so she’s trying to understand the RC system and get a sense of the social vibe at Rice.

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@Rue4 If Rice is substantially cheaper, to me its a no-brainer. I love Rice.

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In our situation, Tulane is significantly cheaper than both Vanderbilt and Rice. Rice is the most expensive for us. (Tulane-Merit, Vanderbilt-more aid than Rice)

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Hi. I wanted to check, does Tulane send merchandise to admitted students?

We are waiting for a shirt too!

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So they do send merchandise?

We haven’t received anything yet either

After admission, we received a green hat.

After commitment, we are expecting a shirt, but we have not received one yet.

Just curious, has anyone heard anything about BTU (Bienvenue TU) scholarships?

My D was invited to BTU and had an AO interview. She was told straightforward during the interview it was about scholarships. 2 days after that interview, need-base scholarship poured in. Therefore, I believe BTU related scholarship is need-based and there is no such a name of “BTU scholarship”.