Tulane Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

Tulane does not meet full need for most students. They say they give less merit in the ED rounds, but some people do report receiving enough aid in the ED rounds.

Tulane is a CSS Profile school, so will require bio dad’s financials. Have you run Tulane’s Net price calculator to get an estimated cost? You would have to include your ex’s financials in that (and any new spouses) for that to be accurate. It may also not be accurate if there are other complicating factors, such as a parent owns a business and/or real estate beyond a primary home.

Lastly…you can break the ED contract if the FA package isn’t affordable, but obviously that’s less than ideal.

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Last year they sent out a letter with the “deferred” letter explaining how to switch. Since the deadline is today, I would call your S’s admissions counselor and ask how to switch. Tulane is very motivated to switch their deferrs to ED2. As for the aid, I whole heartedly agree with what happens if you are divorced. they should take each parent’s income separate. So unfair when an ex wont submit their forms thus disqualifying the other parent. So unfair!

Anyone know acceptance rate for ed 2?

I just got an invitation for Pathway To Medicine!

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Try submitting the CSS Non Custodial Parent Waiver if your EX wont provide his finances.

me too!

With the level of high performance these colleges expect from our kids, if that was a typo, as it likely is, pretty sloppy on Tulane’s part. We need to demand the high standards they expect of our kids.

If a student was accepted ED, why would that date be surprising? There’s nothing unusual about an enrollment deposit being due mid-January for a student accepted ED, and that January 15 date is exactly what it says on their website. :man_shrugging:



congrats. did you receive an email? did you state anywhere on the application that this was something you were interested in?

yes i got an email! there was no place to mention my interest in the app, but I emailed the admissions about it a while ago


congrats to you!! would u share your stats? I’m curious what it takes for my upcoming daughter, who is currently a sophomore? thanks!

Is that on Tulane’s website? Where would I find that form? Thank you.

Is anyone having trouble logging on to their Tulane applicant portal? An error keeps popping up.

Never mind now it went away so weird!

Does anyone know when Early Decision 2 applicants will be notified?

By Jan 31st

That happen to my son’s as well?

@pishicaca i agree with almost everything that you have said. Tulane (and New Orleans in particular) has been an exceptional place for my son to grow and learn, not just academically but holistically. He has been exposed to so much as a student and member of this amazing community. I was VERY apprehensive at first, particularly on the finances, but i agree that it has been worth EVERY penny and then some. The school has stepped up when my younger daughter entered college too, so we have been pleasantly surprised. To be balanced, it has not always been fun and games and he has had his struggles, but I think there is no statistic to capture how incredibly talented this administration is about communications to parents, students, and the larger Tulane community (something a large school like Michigan - where my daughter goes - could most DEFINITELY improve on).