Tulane Fall 2021 Transfer

I wasn’t, I transferred from a small school in Boston.

Aren’t decisions supposed to come out today if you applied on the 1st? Why haven’t they released anything?

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I have received my letter (I will be attending!!) but i know a lot of people are still waiting to here!

I am trying to find some other transfers that will be attending Tulane this fall as a way to get to know some people! If anyone is interested let me know we can find some way to get in touch!!

Accepted to Newcomb, junior transfer, 12k scholarship

I was accepted as a sophomore transfer a few days ago as well, anyone still applying with application questions or anyone accepted looking to meet other transfers feel free to message me!

I also got accepted for Fall 21 as a sophomore! It would be great to meet some people!

Has anyone received their course evaluation yet for admitted transfers?

I called them about this and they said they’ll have them completed by the end of next week.

Is anyone’s Gibson portal letting them log in? It’s not letting me.

Ive gotten some messages about a groupchat, so if you want to be added message me and i can add you to a gc with accepted transfers

I am wanna join the group chat but this may sound stupid I have no idea how to message you on this website. I am new to it lol. Help figuring it out would be appreciated

Hi what kind of group chat is it and what information do you need so I could join?

Do you have to confirm enrollment in order to get a course evaluation or do they send that to all accepted students?

I’m pretty sure they send it to all accepted students

I am an admitted transfer to Tulane for Fall 2021, as a sophomore and Tulane is my top choice.
Major: Political Science/International Relations
Minors: International Development & Public Health
HS GPA: 3.7
College GPA: 4.0
EC’s: NCAA Athlete, Founder of Non-Profit, Alumni Director - Sorority

Would love to meet other transfers as I don’t know anyone :slight_smile:

has anyone heard back who applied after Feb 1st?

I applied after and I’m still waiting

Current Tulane student here! I transferred just this academic year.
Advice: DONT go if you aren’t white and rich the place has a rampant racism issue. This is the LEAST forgiving atmosphere of the most stuck-up pricks I have EVER met. If you’re coming from a community college you will have no diversity anymore or separation of life and college. Also, the Tulane bubble is real. Tulane and New Orleans are completely separate, whereas NOla is an amazing landscape of wonderful people, Tulane is… not. Everyone I’ve met that is cool at Tulane is already transferring out.

BUT if you’re white, rich, love to drink, the school is for you. They had a kid get shot this spring, as well as firing a black woman after she filed a racism report. The place is… I’m not even sure. Good luck y’all.

EDIT: I would like to add I am only saying what I would’ve wanted to hear before I went. Also, you had better make time to get COVID tested at least twice a week with a busy schedule.


Ohhh dear came to this threat right after I submitted my app! Thank you very much for that info