Tulane Fall 2021 Transfer

Hello, hello! Has anyone that applied for Tulane’s Fall 2021 transfer received an admission decision yet? If so, when did you submit your application and have all of your test scores/transcripts in? Thanks!

I applied with all of my supporting materials in on 1/11. On their website, it says that admission decisions come out on March 15.

Just got accepted yesterday. I had the guarantee transfer plan. I received a $15,000 annual scholarship.

My stats:
3.8 unweighted High School GPA

4.0 College GPA

Congratulations! Did the guarantee transfer plan have a set admissions decision date or was it rolling? I’m just trying to figure out if we will get a decision earlier than March 15 because last year’s thread had some decisions in Feb.

It did not have a set decision date. I thought it was March 15 but then got an email with a status update.

Anyone else staring to get nervous with admissions decisions coming out soon? I’ve been on the edge of my seat for weeks.

Yeah I’m nervous too! I applied early decision, so waiting to hear back. Do you think they’ll give out decisions before the 15th?

I doubt they send out decisions early. I didn’t realize there was an early decision option for transfers. I thought it was just non binding early action.

I meant non-binding early action lol, my bad.

I just got accepted this morning, with an annual $6,000 scholarship.

omg congrats! I just got an application update email, but I’m waiting to open it until I get out of class.

I got accepted this morning with a 10,000 annual scholarship.

I will post my stats and info below to help anyone.

Got accepted into Newcomb-Tulane College of Tulane University

California community college student
Graduated high school in May 2020
3.3 GPA in high school. Did not submit test scores
3.93 GPA in college with 44 units complete (3 units spring 2020, 19 units summer 2020, 22 units Fall 2020, taking 20 units this spring 2021)

EC’s were really strong (full time job, started my own volunteering organization, and started my own company with brother where we manage social medias for other companies that brings in 75k+ a year)

I feel like I had pretty good recommendations and essays.


My stats were:

3.0 gpa in hs, not so good. Graduated in 2019

3.7 college gpa, will have 60 credits and an associates this may.

EC’s: Animal Rescue Volunteer over 200 hours and full time job.

Had a strong why Tulane essay and one letter of recommendation.

Hello everyone! I was just accepted as an incoming Sophomore this morning! Submitted my application early and had my final materials in on February 12. Congrats to everyone who also admitted this morning.

Here are some additional details for you all:

HS GPA: 3.0 Unweighted (Struggled With Some Personal Things)
SAT/ACT Score: 29 ACT (E34, R34, S25, M24) 31 Superscore (Tulane Does Not Superscore)
Current University: Arizona State University - Barrett Honors College
Current College GPA: 4.02 (Capped at 4)
Intended Major: Political Science
Race: Hispanic
Hooks: Autistic (Not sure if this counts lol)
Essays: I’d say a 7.5-8/10
ECs: Quite a few, although only some were directly related to my high-school career as I graduated from a small boarding-school. I was able to get a few important awards at graduation, including the highest that the school gives out to someone who demonstrates important leadership skills within the community.

Hope this helps all of you still waiting for a decision! Once again congrats to everyone who was admitted today!

I was accepted today as an incoming sophomore. I didn’t get any merit scholarships though. Does anyone know when they will release financial aid decisions?

Admitted two days ago for the fall 2021 semester, class of 2024! 10,000 merit a year, congrats to everyone!

congrats! were any of you guaranteed transfers?

I wasn’t. I transferred from a NY community college.

I wasn’t a guaranteed transfer either. I currently attend University of South Carolina.