Tulane fall 2022 transfer

hi! creating a new thread for transfers! i’m applying as a freshman from clemson for my sophomore year.
gpa: 95 weighted (not on 4.0 scale)
12 honors/ap classes
top public hs
all state vball player

gpa: 3.82
took 17 credits
financial management major

female, white
twin brother currently goes (got in ed with worse hs grades) and i’ve visited a couple times
applied ea last yr and was deferred then waitlisted during rd
i wrote the why tulane essay but didn’t write the other essay.
i submitted my application in early november and just have to send my first semester grades in for my application to be complete.

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Sounds like you have a good chance. Best of luck!

Omg I’m applying to Tulane too from Clemson as a freshman!! Good luck!!

I applied with a 3.5 college gpa. How about you guys?

Hi all. I am curious here why you are transferring from Clemson? Researching my options here. Thanks!

hi! honestly majority of my classes are taught by teachers assistants (even my current sophomore/junior level classes). 63% of my class is all south carolina students which is an issue because there isn’t a competitive atmosphere and a lot of people come into clemson knowing each other. a lot of students only goal was to get into clemson (again, not an atmosphere that pushes academic success). greek life is pretty inclusive. i went thru rush and ended up at zeta and that was pretty much the only rlly good thing that came out of my first semester. i did end up dropping because i knew i wanted to transfer and wake doesn’t have a zeta chapter. for social scene, frats can be fun but only significantly intoxicated bc it’s mostly a bunch of sweaty people jumping around in a basement. the downtown area was fun for a bit mostly because of my friend group. there’s SLED which is undercover cops that go around giving MIPs (minor in possession). they go to every bar and that basically means ur nights over by midnight until ur a junior/21. be careful because a lot of times they dress up like frat boys and try to get underage kids to tell them their real age and they will give u an MIP that way. i’ve never been so nervous about cops in hs. also cops a walk around dorms around 9-11 on the weekends to see if people are drinking. it rlly just puts a burden on trying to experience college. at the end of the day i’m transferring because both social and academic life is extremely disappointing. on the bright side, i have met a lot of great friends and the business school is new. also, grades aren’t as stressful because all you need is a 90 for an A aka 4.0.


hey!! any guaranteed acceptance transfers??? i heard we might find out tomorrow!!

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Do you know what time?

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I’m not sure 100%! I was told by a friend who reached out to admissions that this year, we will likely find out on the last Thursday in February. They didn’t say for sure though. It was last month, the person on the admissions team said something about February.

Last year, guaranteed transfer students found out on Feb 19 at 3 PM EST. Seems like they like to release decisions on Thursdays lol. This year could be different though.

Sure, the website says the admission decision notifications for Early Action transfers is March 15, but in the past the Guaranteed Transfer Students have found out earlier (based on what people have posted on College Confidential in previous years).

i just tried to login to my portal and it’s “temporarily blocked” so i think that means there’s a decision soon or maybe my application is being reviewed i’m not exactly sure.

i tried to login yesterday after a couple hours after i posted the last comment above. now it’s not letting me login again but it seems like a system thing not a sign that we might get decisions. i’m not sure but hoping we will know later tonight

My son’s account is having the same problem and he has already been admitted, so I think it’s some issue with Tulane’s system. Good luck to you!

Did you guys receive an admission decision? I heard Tulane do it before March 15

not yet unfortunately i thought we would’ve heard by now

Historically they come out a few days before the 15th. Last year it was the 11th we might have another week of waiting unfortunately:/

With what GPA did you guys applied?

I applied with a 3.85 GPA

Just sayin’, they almost always release stuff on Thursdays. So next Thursday maybe.

I agree if the pattern continues decisions will be released early on the 10th.

Or maybe tomorrow!