Tulane(full ride) vs Rose-Hulman(full ride) for Undergraduate Chemical Engineering

I a high school senior and I am almost done with high school. I got admitted to both of these schools and I can’t decide which one to choose. Tulane is more recognized and is located in wonderful city. On the other hand, Rose-Hulman offer a unique, undergraduate oriented education with a lot of support, but is located in a boring, small city. The only thing I care about are academics(for future grad school) and location. I also got a full ride to both schools, so the price difference doesn’t matter.

I appreciate you responses and inputs. Thank you!

I thought tulane doesn’t have an engineering dept (only biomedical engineering).

Are you totally stem -focused ?
Do you want to attend a university with a lot of different majors or be surrounded by kids who love tech ?

Chem E at Tulane has been accredited since 1954. http://main.abet.org/aps/AccreditedProgramsDetails.aspx?OrganizationID=130&ProgramIDs=

Good question from MYOS.

Tulane’s eng’g dept took a huge hit after Katrina, and it scaled down. Has it been able to regroup and get more disciplines running?

If Tulane has recovered from Katrina (it’s been 10 years), then I would choose Tulane. R-H can be boring…school and town. And it has an unappealing male/female ratio.

Not necessarily in engineering, at least compared with RHIT.

Like MYOS said, if you want to be in a totally STEM-focused environment with likeminded individuals, go to RHIT. If you want more variety, diversity, and want to get off campus often and do stuff, go to Tulane.

Also, compare the ChemE course offerings at both schools (ie., concentrations, dual major/minor options, etc.) if you haven’t already.

I’d pick RHIT (which boasts 99% placement), but it’s not for everyone.

@GMTplus7 they do have a chemE program and an engineering physics program.

@MYOS1634 and @insanedreamer I would say that natural sciences and their applications are my passion, but I would still love a variety of humanities and electives. The only thing that I care about is how well each school look like when I apply to top grad schools (MIT, Caltech, Berkley etc). I would imagine that the quality of the two programs are similar, I am just wondering which one will help get to grad school better.

Thank you guys! I would still appreciate more opinions.

Both will. Everything else will be on you so you better pick a place where you’ll be happy, as loving where you are and thriving in your environment helps you through the rough spots.

Then New Orleans wins. I can’t think of an insanely more fun place to live.

DS graduated from Tulane with a ChemE degree a few years ago. Thy have recently completed a new engineering building.
Am curious- what “full ride” scholarship did you get? The Stamps? Did you get a “full ride” or “full tuition” scholarship? Many confuse the two.