Tulane Math Department: Faculty?

<p>Hey guys. This question, obviously, extends to current students and those who know of Tulane's math professors. </p>

<p>Anyways, I will be taking Calc I next year, and I am wondering which professor has the best reputation amongst the students. Professors teaching this course next year are: Amdeberham, Yang, Kwasik, Riedel, Meyer, and Nguyen. </p>

<p>Much appreciated!</p>

<p>Amdeberhan, hands down! Crystal clear lectures, cares for students, wants students to do well as well. Had him for Calc 2 last semester and he was great. Kwasik and Meyer are also pretty good though. You have to watch out though, the math department likes to switch around teaches last minute. Right now, Amdeberhan is open for 4 sections of Calc 1--he'll probably end up teaching maybe 2 classes, and the math department will rearrange the other classes for other teachers without notifying you. Just make sure you check Gibson online scheule of classes periodically as school approaches.</p>

<p>Guide to math courses next semester:</p>

Best option --

<p>Business Stats:
Best options --
1. Liukkonen
2. Dewar</p>

<p>Long Calc:
Best options --
1. Polizzi
2. Beyerstedt
3. Todorov</p>

<p>Calc I:
Best options --
1. Amdeberhan
2. Kwasik
3. Barker</p>

<p>Stats for Sci:
Best option --

<p>Calc II:
Only choice --

<p>Consolidate Calc:
Best options --
1. Can
2. Kurochkin
3. D. Yang</p>

<p>Calc III:
Best option --

<p>Intro to Applied Math:
Best option --
D. Yang</p>

<p>Any questions? :)</p>

<p>Wow, thanks so much!</p>