Tulane or UGA?

<p>I love both. Got in Honors in both. Tulane costs twice as much. I know Tulane may be better academically, but I think Georgia is more well-rounded. UGA's Honors program has lots of perks too.</p>

<p>Any opinions? Ideas? Personal experiences?</p>

<p>I love NO and I love Athens.</p>


<p>they are both pretty similar student body wise, but look at strenth in your intended major. Tulane is also smaller, around 7000, while UGA is around 25000. Tulane is also religiously affiliated.</p>

<p>Tulane is non-sectarian.</p>

<p>oops yea take the religious part back</p>

<p>My daughter was accepted to both UGA Honors and Tulane. She really did not want to attend UGA and only applied because we made her (instate safety). I know this goes against the accepted wisdom, but I don't think the UGA Honors offers that much compared to a private college. Honors Chemistry at UGA has 70 students. Regular classes have 350 students. </p>

<p>Regular intro classes at Tulane are seem to cap out at 150 and honors classes are even smaller (around 25). You really need to visit both, you are comparing a huge school to a mid-size university. Large D-1 sports to very low level D-1 sports. Cost should also play a part in the decision and remember you will probably pay a significant amount to go back and forth to Tulane. </p>

<p>Tulane is not religously affiliated and never has been. It appeals to a certain type of person and you really need to visit and attend some classes before you decide.</p>

<p>What is your major, humanities is not the strongest area at Tulane, but if you are pre-professional the programs are pretty good.</p>

<p>i'm pretty sure that uga is somewhat more conservative than tulane but don't quote me on that.</p>

<p>I am in favor of Tulane she should BUT visit BOTH and try to see what is the best fit.</p>

<p>These schools are very different. S was a "Katrina" freshman who ended up at UGA for his first semester. He did exceptionally well there. He subsequently went to Tulane (2nd semester freshman year), and the comparisons he offered are as follows:
1. UGA--huge, better food, but MUCH easier to do well in classes there.
2. UGA--major "jock" culture, it helps to be into football (which he is not)
3. UGA--better alternative music scene.
3. Tulane--classes much more academically challenging.<br>
4. Tulane--campus food sucks compared to UGA
5. Tulane--much better "social life" that doesn't incorporate sports culture.
6. Tulane--many more "rich kids"
7. Tualne--in a great city with a more unique, vibrant, distanct culture/
8. UGA--felt like a continuation of high school (he's from Georgia)
9. Tulane--dorms slightly better.
10. Tulane--felt the people he met were more broad in intellecualism, world views, sophistication.</p>

<p>That said, Tulane does not offer the major he thought he wanted. He's always felt bad about that. However, he loves that he's been able to experience New Orleans. VERY DIFFERENT student bodies, types of people, campuses, etc. YOU MUST VISIT.</p>

<p>New Orleans is definitely not for everyone. However, if New Orleans feels "good" to you, you will love Tulane.</p>

<p>UGA is a more traditional, jock-type university culture. It has MANY opportunities academically because it is so large. Tulane is small in comparison. Be sure to look into the areas of study you are interested in to be sure Tulane has what you want/need. </p>

<p>For the right person, Tulane can be an amazing experience.</p>

<p>PS I should clarify that S is NOT in Honors and so I can't comment on that program aspect.</p>