Tulane or UMiami?? PLEASE HELP

<p>Hey everyone!
I've recently been accepted into Tulane University, U Miami, Syracuse, and American. I wondering if you have any opinions or suggestions on where I should go! Right now, I am most interested in Tulane and Miami. I visited Tulane and loved it. I think they are both quite similar academically. I have not been to Miami yet, but I keep hearing good things about it. Please help! Thank you very much. I'd appreciate any comments. Thanks Again! Goodluck to everyone else.</p>

<p>I'm undecided as far as my major goes. So, I'm looking for a liberal arts school. I want to have fun in college, while still being academically successful. I play the trumpet, and playing in the pep band for the Canes is quite appealing. Thanks Again!</p>

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<p>Can anybody please help me??? pleeeeaaaaaseee!</p>

<p>The comparisons between Tulane and Miami are striking. Both are residential / urban campuses that offer outstanding merit aid. Both have a pretty active social scene. Miami is very multicultural and multinational. Tulane is one of the most party-intensive campuses in the country, but attracts a pretty select student population. IMO, they're a toss-up; visit Coral Gables and see which one feels most like home.</p>

<p>UMiami is much more culturally diverse - they have a sizable minority and international student population, and the city of Coral Gables and the Miami area is very diverse and theres definitely a lot to do. I dunno too much about Tulane, but I'd say that overall, they have a stronger academic program, but Miami isnt far behind. So overall, I'd have to say Miami if its between these two - the overall balance of academics, sports, diversity, and location is better.</p>

<p>Thanks guys! Still deciding though....decisions decisions...Keep posting if you have anymore opinions! thanks</p>

<p>Does anyone know why miami is ranked 58 and tulane 43? is this a big difference? or is that just something little?</p>

<p>I'm visiting miami next week. Hopefully i'll get everything straightened out! thanks guys</p>

<p>Arright guys!! So, i just got back from Miami. Wow, talk about an amazing campus. I could not believe that kids actually go to school there! It's like a resort. While walking from the dorms to the schools, the fountain in the lake brings a refreshing mist. It's great. Anyway, so the first day i was there, i went on the tour and info session. The tour guide was from bermuda, she was really sweet. (and not getting paid) She seemed to really enjoy everything about Miami. When asked about what kids don't like, she said the only thing she didn't like was the "no merit for internationals" or something. But anyways, after the tour, my mom and i ate ate one of the dining halls. The food was great, lotsa selection. I can see myself gaining the freshman 15 there. Everyone seemed to enjoy miami. The students seemed very happy. Haha, almost TOO perfect. The following day, I joined this "cane for a day" program. Basically, I met up with a sophomore and he took me to his accounting class. It was...well...i had no idea what was going on. But, the professor was cool and he seemed nice. The sophomore was nice and funny. He transferred from...i think UIF. He likes umiami much more. He invited me to go to his philosophy class, but i had to meet up with my friend from boca. We went to "the grove." It was pretty nice. I can only imagine what its like on sat. nights when its crowded with umiami students. My mom and I spoke with an admissions representative about my lack there of merit scholarship. She took a look over my app and decided that my class rank was probably the issue. (My high school is highly competitive) After showing her my senior year grades, gpa 4.6/5, she encouraged me to write an appeal. So, basically, this is how it's gunna work. If i get the scholarship, i'm going to umiami. If i don't....then....GOD I DONT KNOW. Some days i lean towards tulane, other days i lean towards miami. I feel like i'll be happy at either place, so its win win from here. Keep postin!</p>

<p>Good food???? When my sis went there.. she pratically lived off of the vending machines.</p>

<p>If you're in a tossup, I vote for Miami. My friend who applied to like 15 schools is probably going to Miami because they were the nicest to her. They were continually contacting her while at other schools she had to hunt down people to talk to them.</p>

<p>She LOVES the campus and the weather. (Who doesn't?)</p>

<p>And Tulane is liquor, liquor, liquor, liquor, liquor. If you like that, then Tulane is for you. But it's a huge party school.</p>

<p>2 more days til judgement...AH!!! i'm gunna die!</p>