Tulane or Umiami?? Please help!

<p>Hey everyone!
I've recently been accepted into Tulane University, U Miami, Syracuse, and American. I wondering if you have any opinions or suggestions on where I should go! Right now, I am most interested in Tulane and Miami. I'm undecided as far as my major goes. So, I'm looking for a liberal arts school. I want to have fun in college, while still being academically successful. I play the trumpet, and playing in the pep band for the Canes is quite appealing. I visited Tulane and loved it. I think both schools quite similar academically/selectively. I have not been to Miami yet, but I keep hearing good things about it. Please help! Thank you very much. I'd appreciate any comments. Thanks Again! Goodluck to everyone else.</p>

<p>curious, what are your stats?</p>

<p>Miami...nice city and really great school
but, anywhere you go will be a great experience</p>

<p>Both of those schools are weak... Why would you even want to go there?</p>

<p>Wow you're an ass. Those schools aren't that weak, and they're getting increasingly competitive. If you're not going to answer this person's question, go shove off elsewhere.</p>

<p>Hey, this is college confidential. You can't say ass, ass. You can talk trash here, but i'll give you a good beating in real life. =)</p>

<p>Oh, by the way. Calm yourself nerd. Stop spending all your time on forums too. I'm worried for you.</p>

<p>hey wanster, why wouldnt u want to go there?</p>

<p>2lane, stats?</p>

<p>wanster - i'm not a nerd...and what gives you the idea that u can dish me out a beating...?</p>

<p>Thanks lolok for backing me up.
My stats were...1280/ 660 630
4/5 gpa (top 10 public school)
ECs: Honors wind ensemble, honors jazz ensemlbe, orchestra...music stuff
Lots of community service hours: Community service leadership, peer advisor, volunteered at a residency for ppl with downs syndrome and a camp for kids with cancer.
Teacher recs: didn't read them but i htink they were pretty good
Counselor rec: didnt read, but probably good
essay: good</p>

<p>lolok where do u think i should go?</p>

<p>4/5 gpa? can u give me weighted/unweighted and class rank? im thinking of applying....</p>

<p>thats a weighted...class rank is like top 25%...unweighted is probably 3.5</p>

<p>I wasn't impressed with Tulane when i visited...I think you may like Miami better. More undergrad "spirit" if you will...tulane is a small campus for so many students, and alot are graduates living off campus...</p>

<p>Hey wanster...i was accepted into gwu and bu...but they're not even in my top 5, so SUCK IT</p>

<p>oh...think i could get in to those schools with a 3.8 and a 4.05 weighted? top 7% weighted, top 20% uw</p>

<p>uhh gwu and bu? you are a joke. why would you say "suck it"? like i said... those schools are weak too! and lolok1214, you're funny.</p>

<p>wanster...what are your stats? why do u consider yourself so high and mighty...</p>

<p>you little cun t, you're looking at GW yourself.</p>

<p>wanster, if they're so weak, why didn't u get into BU?</p>