Tulane preferred applications?

<p>I've heard mention of applications sent to students for "preferred status" or something like that. Anyway, I know that the fee is waived and it is on the basis of SAT scores. Does anyone know when these go out, and do you have to let Tulane know you are interested in this or is it automatic?</p>

<p>All applications are free. The preferred just streamlines the process a bit more and if you get it done and in by mid October and mark it EA (no obligations by doing EA) you will usually get an answer within a few weeks.</p>

<p>They go out in early September usually. I believe these are sent to students selected from reports of the College Board. As far as I know you cannot request one. However, the Tulane application is pretty easy anyway and is usually available online by Labor Day or so. So again, if you get it filled out and get everything to them by early to mid October and mark it EA, you will hear back pretty quickly. The more obvious an admit that you are, the faster you hear back, in general.</p>