Tulane spring scholar admit

Admitted as Spring Scholar to Tulane.
Anyone have any actual experience doing the same? Looking for pros/cons.
Do most people who enroll as this do a study abroad in the fall?

I know a lot of people who were spring scholars. Generally you spend your fall semester studying in Rome and then move into the dorms before spring semester starts. Super common. Everyone I know who did it had a lot of fun. Tulane has deferred rush for Greek life so you don’t miss out on anything.

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What is the typical gpa of kids who ED but get spring scholars?

Any spring scholars out there? My son was admitted spring scholars last night.

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My daughter heard that spring scholars are often placed in dorms with sophomores, where there might be an empty bed. So they aren’t put in the freshman dorms when they start in January. Doesn’t this make it hard to make friends?

I don’t know the answer to that but there is a spring scholars Facebook group and the spring scholar administrator runs it. She may be able to answer that.

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