Tulane transfer hopeful

Was hoping to get some solid answers that couldn’t be given by a Tulane rep…what are my chances of being admitted as a Spring 2018 transfer student with a 3.03 cumulative gpa? I had a pretty bad freshman year, but turned it around and got a 3.4 first semester soph year and then 3.1 second. As of now I have straight A’s at this point of my junior year. Tulane admissions said for transfer applicants it’s a much more holistic approach and judged differently than 4 yr admissions. For extracurriculars, I have been rowing since high school (was recruited to a D1 school for it) and have a good handful of different mixes of community service. I got a 29 on ACT in high school (34 for writing and 35 for reading but an abysmal 21 on math ugh) if that matters too.

@socalchilibean - based on past posts/data, you usually have a good chance of transfer admittance if you have at least a 3.0 GPA. It is also advantageous to have taken English/Writing and Math while in college.

Your GPA looks good (above 3.0) and there is clearly an improvement in your grades from freshman to junior year. The application process is definitely holistic, but there is less focus placed on your test scores as a transfer.

Obviously, transfer acceptance rates depend on the amount of ‘spaces’ there are and that varies year by year.

Wow thank you so much, at this point in the transfer process words of encouragement help!! Thank you! @nostalgicNOLA

@nostalgicNOLA hi! I was wondering if you could help me out with one more question. I’m filling out my application through the Common App (not Tulane app), and the only required essay is the personal statement. It asks “Please provide a statement that addresses your reasons for transferring and the objectives you hope to achieve”, and I am centering it around Tulane (does not need to be vague/all-encompassing for other schools because Tulane is my only application). My question is this- there is one other not-required essay that asks “why you are interested in attending Tulane”- but I am ultimately answering that question in the personal statement. Should I simply not answer the why tulane? I feel as if I should answer all optional questions to show my complete and total interest…but I am unsure of what more to add to why tulane than what i’ve written in the personal statemnt

@socalchilibean I had the same question because I am also planning on transferring to Tulane and wrote my transfer essay specific to TU. I emailed someone from admissions and they said “You will not be at a disadvantage for not writing a Why Tulane prompt if your essay is dedicated to that.” hope that helps!

@donuts27 thank you so very much for letting me know! Are you looking at other schools or just Tulane?

@socalchilibean - Sorry for my delayed response. It sounds like @donuts27 got an answer directly from the source! If you are still wanting ‘100% confirmation’ about this topic, feel free to reach out to the transfer admission counselor.

I know that feeling of needing 100% certainty with a situation like this and your counselor will be more than happy to provide you with the peace of mind that you might still be looking for.

@socalchilibean i have my eye set on Tulane and it is the only university im applying to for spring transfer but knowing my chances are VERY slim since they don’t have many freshmen spots open I may have to apply in the fall where I may add a few more colleges. What about you?

@nostalgicNOLA thank you, and no worries about the delay! I appreciate it

@donuts27 I’m applying for spring but I’m a junior so I have no clue on how many spots are available. How do you know they don’t have many freshman spots?

@socalchilibean they accidentally accepted a bunch of freshmen early action that they weren’t supposed to so they offered them spring admission instead so a lot of spots are already filled

Hey @socalchilibean I applied to spring transfer too! I was wondering if you knew around when we were supposed to hear back? I know it’s rolling admission but I couldn’t find any other threads that talked about how long it usually took for decisions to go out.

@donuts27 oh my gosh thats crazy!! I wish you the best of luck, I’m sure you still have a good chance!

@travelbean hi! I wish I knew but I haven’t had any luck finding out either :confused: if i hear some solid news I will be sure to tag you!

@travelbean I emailed someone at admissions and they said they will try and have decisions out before November 1st but it’s not a definite date and it could be out later than that

@socalchilibean @travelbean @donuts27
I’m hopefully a transfer for the spring of 2018 as well!!! I haven’t heard back and all of my documents have been received since 10/18. I’ve been obsessively refreshing my portal like 10 times a day these past 3 days.
My biggest issue right now is that I have 5 other college apps due today! Tulane is my first choice, so if I get in I don’t want to spend $350 on more applications!!! I’d rather save that money for moving. I’m really unsure of what to do.
Part of me wants to just go for it. I’ve already also applied to George Washington and American U so it’s not like I’m putting all of my eggs in one basket. All I know is that I’m a nervous wreck :-)))))))))

Thank you @socalchilibean !!

Did anyone hear back yet ?

@lazaruseproject no not yet, I hope we hear back within the next week.

I got in! I’ll be there in January