Tulane vs Emory

I am a transfer student who is currently trying to decide between Tulane and Emory. I want to major in Classics and potentially double in French. Which school has a better Classics program and which would have more opportunities to take archaeology classes or do field work? I am also having a hard time deciding because Emory’s financial aid package is better than Tulane’s but at Emory students cannot double major and minor so I would potentially have to drop French to study archaeology.

Those who respond to you with specific knowledge about these departments will do you a great service, and I hope you get that quality feedback here. I do suspect, though, that those details area available by doing research on your own. You are correct that Tulane has a wealth of interdisciplinary opportunities, which it presents as a way to differentiate itself from other schools that applicants (or transfers) might consider. For decades Tulane has had the Middle-American Research Institute, which offers a wealth of opportunities archaeology-wise and, unsurprisingly, a wonderful French Department reflecting the area’s French colonial heritage.

All that being said, I would lean more on subjective factors as opposed to what anyone might tell you on CC. These are two excellent schools you have gained admission to (so congratulations). Their student bodies are very similar (Tulane 11% admit rate, average ACT 32, Emory 20.8% acceptance rate, average ACT 32, very similar geographic spread and diversity), both are in great cities in the south, and success in either school can get you where you want to be in life. I know it’s tough now to gauge “campus feel,” but would certainly ask around and envision where you would feel more comfortable in terms student vibe, academic experience, extra-curricular opportunities, and Atlanta v. New Orleans.

Best of luck to you!