Tulane vs. Northeastern, any opinions?

<p>Can you guys compare these schools in terms of:
1) Reputation: given equal students, which would graduate schools rather accept from?
2)Academics: which would prepare me better for performing well in grad school/work
3) Opportunities: availability of internships/research
4) Enviroment: accessibility of profs, challenging atmosphere, location</p>

<p>My thoughts:
1) I live the idea of co-op, which is a big thing at NEU, but I'm not sure I want to take off so much school to work full-time. The school alternates scheldules between working and going to school. It seems less of an academically focused atmosphere which to me negates the purpose of going to school. I think it would be better if I could work part-time while still going to school (doing research or whatever) instead of taking that time off. I'm just a misinformed HS senior, however. This is my biggest concern with choosing NEU. Is it actually better this way? What if I want to go to grad school right after, how useful is the work experience? </p>

<p>Advantage: I don't know.</p>

<p>2) NEU seems to be more of an "easier" school. They seems to accept a lot of average students and have less intense majors (e.g. Engineering Technology). But this could a blessing, GPA wise.</p>

<p>Advantage: Tulane</p>

<p>3) For me, Tulane's location is a turn-off. I don't know too much about it, but it seems to be in a party city that is not too developed. And the school is also not particularly diverse (~90% white). On the other hand, NEU is in a flourishing city that is very ethnically diverse. </p>

<p>Advantage: NEU</p>

<p>So far, I am leaning towards NEU just because of the location. But if Tulane is substantially better, I might have to reconsider. I appreciate any comments, rankings or statistical data you guys may have. I have seen how helpful you all have been on other threads on this forum and never saw these schools mentioned, so I wanted to give it a shot.</p>

<p>hmm, yeah, boston does seem like a nicer city/college town than new orleans. but i think otherwise, in academics and reputation, tulane is a better choice. i am sure there are many opportunities for internships/research from tulane. and the location is not too bad. i mean, it still is new orleans & all that jazz, lol.</p>

<p>Im from boston and have a ton of friends who go to NEU and are going there next year. I know that it is not that difficult to do well there, but kids definitely have a great time. Its in a great location and the city is totally accessible. However, freshmen year i hear is kind of a bummer for guys. Most girls like to go into the city to explore therefore leaving just guys. Also, the frat parties are pretty much invite only, so freshmen guys are out of luck while most freshmen girls have no trouble getting in. However, NEU is a totally cool school and the co-op can give great opportunities plus a boost to the bank account. I've hung out and stayed over with my friends at NEU about 5 times and it's definitely a lot of fun. There are always kids around to play poker, drink, whatever you want. If you are out of state, Boston is a great city and there is a ton to do. In fact, the train (green line) runs right in front of the campus down Huntington Ave and takes you to any play in boston (fenway, prudential/govt center) and even takes you out into the suburbs where if some kids who go to the school live, often times have parties at their parents houses. Most towns around Boston to the west are very rich and these parties and houses can be quite nice. Hope this was helpful.</p>

<p>That sure was helpful guys. As for enviroment, NEU definately has the upperhand. I am more concerned about how I would fare there academically. I read a post on the NEU forum that said that the students don't really care about school -- which is logical since there is so much emphasis on co-ops/careers. I am a student who plans on attending grad school and takes school very seriously. </p>

<p>Macowzke, </p>

<p>"I know that it is not that difficult to do well there, but kids definitely have a great time"</p>

<p>That is exactly what I am concerned about. Can you please tell me why you think so? I don't want to just go through engineering at NEU and be totally unprepared for graduate school. I am worried that NEU will tone done the curriculum so less prepared students will pass (Avg SAT is ~200pts lower than Rice if that means anything).</p>

<p>Well basically i have a friend who is a really bright kid at writing (hes a journalism major) so in High school he did really badly in all the other classes but always got A's in his english classes and a 1200 on his SAT I and he got an A+ in his sports journalism class this semester. At NEU, he easily has a 3.8 GPA and sometimes he goes a few days even a week without doing any work what so ever. He does have a ton of other things like he plays intramural bball and works out for 2 hours every day at their gym. My other friend isnt that smart. He likes to basically drink and smoke and he often does so twice on weekends and once during the week. Im not sure what his GPA is, but I know it is somewhat respectable. He wasn't the brightest kid in HS and he got a 1300 on his SAT I. SAT scores don't really tell much about how you will do in college, but there are some challenging courses and some very easy ones. I would say that tulane definitely will be a better academic experience. Also, you said NEU has the upperhand environment wise. Thats not totally true. Boston sucks in the winter and it is basically cold through late march, and NEU gets out late april, so the weather is pretty bad while you are there. New ORleans is also an awesome city, ive been there several times and there is a ton of stuff to do. If you are a sports fan, however, Boston is the best.</p>

<p>I think you should visit Tulane and find out for yourself. The campus is beautiful. It is located around the garden district which is a very very nice place. It's safe around campus. Of course, there are dangerous areas in any city, and New Orleans has lots of them. Regardless, i'd choose tulane hands down because of the nicer weather, teachers, academics, and students.</p>

<p>hey, i think Tulane has more of an undergrad expereince than Northeastern...my older bro went to Tulane (im transferring there), and my cousin went to NEU. New Orleans is MUCH more than a party city...youll get tired of the quarter. they have a good Honors program, great study abroad, and a GREAT location: culture, history, art, JAZZ!!!, food, weather, and amazingly nice people.</p>

<p>Mayor C. Ray Nagin led a host of city and state officials yesterday in announcing the launch of the New Orleans BioInnovation Center at its future home on the corner of Canal and Marais streets in downtown New Orleans. The $30 million center will provide the equipment and facilities for fledgling biotechnology companies to transform the latest discoveries of Tulane University and LSU scientists into thriving businesses. The center, a cornerstone of the revitalization of Canal Street, is scheduled to be completed by 2007.</p>

<p>The city of New Orleans is what you make of it. I talked to a bunch of people on campus at Tulane and they said that most Tulane students don't even go into the city that often to party, they party on or around campus. With that said, you can easily go downtown for a change of pace. As for having a higher GPA at Northeastern, don't base your next four years on a couple of tenths of a point. For graduate schools, I assume it is similar to undergraduate, they would rather see you challenge yourself and do a little worse than take all easy classes and have a 4.0 I am going to tulane next year, and I am so excited, it's a beautiful school on a beautiful campus with really great people. I would suggest going down there yourself. Good luck!</p>

<p>even though tulane has not rubbed me in the right way, i would choose it over northeasterm</p>