Tulane vs U of Miami - Pros & Cons?

<p>I'm trying to decide between Tulane and U of Miami (FL) for pre-med/bio. Making a pros & cons list for each school, and would appreciate any input. I realize that one person's pro might be another person's con, and that's okay! All input will be helpful!</p>

<p>I suggest you look/search on the Tulane and Miami threads for prior comments on pre-med programs. I'll say here my S is freshman at Miami on the pre-med track. They have very good advising, and with the medical school/hospital complex close by, many volunteer and research opportunities. He is quite happy at Miami and enjoys his science and non-science classes.</p>

<p>I am unapologetically pro Miami. Many of my friends and family members have gone or are enrolled and every single one of them loves it. The location is great - in a beautiful suburb right outside of Miami, which has tons of things for students to do and lots of places to eat. The campus is also really well landscaped and very pretty. And of course, for academics, it really is a great school. The students are all very intelligent and there are many strong programs, one of which is premed. Between Miami and Tulane I would definitely choose the U - they have great opportunities for your major in a really nice location with a very friendly student body. Good luck in your decision!</p>

<p>I know UM has some of the best internship opportunities out there - they told us there are literally more internships to offer than students searching for them just because it has such a good reputation regionally and there's so much going on in Miami. So if internships matter to you, there's that.</p>

<p>Tulane has excellent resources for pre-med students. Its school of public health (with BS and BS/MPH programs) is very highly regarded in particular, and Tulane is known for cutting edge research in tropical medicine. </p>

<p>I much prefer Tulane's location in New Orleans to Miami/Coral Gables, and its recent generosity with merit scholarships makes it very attractive for a pre-med trying to keep costs down, so it would be my personal pick. I also like that Tulane is a bit smaller than Miami (~6400 and ~9400 full time undergrads, respectively). YMMV. Miami is a great school with plenty to offer pre-meds, and it's fairly generous with merit money as well.</p>