Tulane vs Union vs CaseWestern

I applied Early Action to these three Universities (plus purdue and georgia tech but haven’t gotten those decisions yet) and have gotten into all three. I got a $25k merit scholarship at Union (NY, schenectady), a $20k at casewestern and an $18k at Tulane. What are the pros and cons of each and which would be best to attend? (I’m thinking Tulane but want more opinions)

Tulane sounds like an outlier compared to CWRU, Purdue, and GA Tech. What do you think that you would like to study?

My intended major is biomedical engineering. Would you really say Tulane is better than GA Tech?

No, an outlier the other way. I would put Tulane one or two groups below the other 3 schools that I mentioned.


Ah, okay. I know GA is definitely better for engineering. Wasn’t that sure about the rest though. I think Tulane’s 10% EA rate must be misleading, then?

Tulane is a popular school. It also gives a lot of merit and application fee waivers. That drives a lot of applications.


Ah, I understand. I suppose it being in NOLA helps as well.

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Opinion aside, what is your reasoning and how are you defining “groups”?

I prefer grouping to individual rankings. The ranking convey too much precision.

Perdue and GA Tech would be in the elite grouping. They are very good in everything they do and are World/National class in some areas. CWRU would be very good core STEM fields and good in others. Tulane would be good in everything.

Factoring in cost of attendance, CWRU and Union would appear to have a final cost about the same after deducting the aid. Tulane would appear to be about $10K more per year.

No comments about Union? They seem to have a nice program, their graduates do well, and they have cross registration with RPI to supplement their course offerings. They deserve serious consideration.