Tune in to our 360 live virtual livestream tour of Cornell University on December 4th!

Hey College Confidential,

Hope everyone’s application cycle is going well. I’m a college freshman who was an avid user for three years. I’ve noticed that virtual tours are getting an uptick in interest, along with people who want to talk to people at certain universities. I currently attend Cornell University and me and a few other friends have decided to run a 360 livestream tour of Cornell Engineering and Cornell Dyson. I also wanted to give back to A2C from all the advice given to me when I was applying!

Here are the details:

Tour Content:
We’ll run three separate virtual 360 tour rooms on 12/4/21 with live Q&A that’ll run through uncommon Cornell touring routes, special programs, specific schools, and help you answer the “Why Cornell” essay. Feel free to ask us anything and we’ll be 100% honest - we want you to know the bad and good things about Cornell so you can factor that into your college decision.

Tour Logistics:
On the day of the tour, we’ll send you a link to a YouTube 360 livestream and a live Q&A feature with rooms of maximum of 7-10 people so that you can ask the most personalized questions possible. We want to stress that we aren’t admissions officers, but we will help you answer any questions to the best of our ability, whether its finding a unique aspect on writing the Cornell supplementary essay or finding a unique niche/club/program.

Tour Value:
On the 360 tour, since our rooms are so small, we hope that while we give you a generalized outside tour, we’ll also give you the option to view any buildings. We have 360 walkthroughs of major buildings and classrooms on campus, so let us know if you see an interesting building while on the 360 tour and we’ll pan in and out the building just for you!

Your Tour Guides:
We will run 3-4 different tour dates on December 4th with tours focusing on the school of Engineering or the Dyson School of Business and Management. Our tour guides will also hail from one of those two schools~

We want to emphasize this is 100% complimentary and we aren’t being sponsored by Cornell to do this. We’ll tell you everything we’ve experienced about Cornell, good and bad, in our 360 livestream that goes through buildings and school campus!

Because we want to make our livestream rooms as personalized as possible and cap room sizes, private message or reply to get a link to the livestream!

Because space is limited, and because we want to keep the rooms as personalized as possible, if you sign up for the tours, please come to the rooms with a amiable demeanor and a willingness to ask questions. Thanks in advance and let me know of any questions!

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