Turned down davis

<p>Has anyone you know turned down davis for other schools? If so, what school did you/they decide to attend?</p>

<p>Actually, I turned down UCSD and UCSB for UCD.</p>

<p>Same, turned down UCI and UCSB for Davis. Quite a few people from my school chose Davis this year actually.</p>

<p>My son turned down UCLA, UCSB, UCI, UCSD, Cal Poly SLO & USC for Davis with Regents.</p>

<p>I turned down UCLA, UCSD, UCI, and UCB for Davis with Regents.</p>

<p>I don’t think he was asking if people turned down other schools for davis, guys. He was asking the opposite.</p>

<p>We know doanallan.</p>

<p>■■■■■ looks like im not getting off the waitlist</p>

<p>My d turned down UC Davis. She will be attending Boston College. My s is going to UC Davis.</p>

<p>My D turned down UCLA, Cal, UCSD, Boston College Honors program, and Case Western for Davis with Regents.</p>

<p>@cahsparent…so glad to hear that your D decided on Davis. I think we’ve been on many of the same CC Pages. My son loved Davis and is so excited to go and be part of the honors program. He loved Miller and I think that is what sold him. Congrats to your D!</p>

<p>Turned down Davis for USC :slight_smile: Go Trojans!</p>

<p>D turned down UCD to attend UCSB…</p>

<p>I turned down UC Davis for UC Merced :D</p>