Turned in UCSD Dependent Verification Forms late. Am I screwed?

<p>I didn't realise I needed to turn them in until early this month and it was due on the 1st of May. I had it turned in on the 14th and the mandatory task checklist seems to be complete. I had to turn in the letter of appeal and everything, and so did 2 of my other friends. But all I get is a reply email saying that the forms will be reviewed June - July, and one of my friends get's a "We will accept this one time acception" email. We told them the exactly same reason, does this mean that I may not receive anything? Not even the Cal Grant A? because that thing is supposed to give me like 10 grand!</p>

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<p>I would suggest you call on the phone…and ask the school.</p>

<p>No, you cant be sure just yet. Your appeal will be reviewed and if all goes well you will get the full financial aid as estimated on ur Preliminary Award Notice.
i had the same exact problem and im waiting for their reply; all they told me was that my priority funding will be reviewed as late and the appeal will be considered in june-july. </p>

<p>I wrote a letter saying that the ucsd financial aid instructions implied that additional mandatory documents would be requested via e-mail, but that i never actually received any e-mail from the financial aid office.
Im just wondering what did ur friend put as an excuse on the appeal for not being able to turn it in on time?</p>

<p>I am also in a similar situation I sumbited my financial aid verification worksheet due to them sending the letter to an address I dont really live at. I called today and they said I basically lost $13,000.00 they told me to write an appeal letter to thier office and I may get awarded money in September has this happened to anyone else? Should I write the appeal letter or would it be just a waste of time?</p>

<p>Christine…if you write the appeal letter and you GET the money…this could be worth up to $13,000 to you. I would say it’s worth your time and the stamp to do the appeal. Simply put…if you don’t do it…you DEFINITELY won’t see the money. If you DO there is at least a chance you will.</p>

<p>wait, you already recieved replies about appeals? I was told they would begin reviewing them late august. Well I made the mistake of just taking care of “my checklist” from the “myapplication” link on their prospective students page, and I didn’t see the verification form and I thought I turned that in on time, but they say they recieved it on the 11th. How does the appeal system work? Do we just write why we were late? or why we need the money? I mean… who doesn’t need the money? … I feel like I’m just screwed over because being late, regardless of reason tells the people that we aren’t organized and are last-minute people… do they ever change decisions about the awards for reasons other than loss of family, medical issues that came up, or things like that? …</p>

<p>Wow, same situation here. The lady (I believe her name was Betty–she couldn’t stress enough about how ‘deadlines are deadlines’ …) just said that my award would all just depend on if the school had any money left over. So basically, if they don’t have money then we’re all screwed. And the review process would begin in AUGUST/SEPTEMBER so we probably wouldn’t even know if we get the money or not 'til super later…</p>

<p>My mom is supposed to borrow $14k from the Parent PLUS loan. UH, yea she wont’ even qualify for that.</p>

<p>And seungnarm, I believe yea we do just say why we were late and stuff like that. It really doesn’t give a good image but…begging is the last resort we have I suppose -_- I hope someone else can share their experience about this…</p>

<p>I sent them my appeal and I got an email saying that they’d begin reviewing in September… but then I talked to the lady at the registrar and we’re suppose to pay everything by september 17th. That’s when my orientation is… and if the response comes by that time and it doesn’t work out… can’t go to college? … Also… the lady at the admissions office said they don’t defer acceptances and we have to RE apply next year…</p>

<p>carcarree: yeah my parents have to take out a 14k plus loan too… Don’t think you should necessarily “beg”. Your appeal letter is suppose to be formal, so keep it straight forward and uhh formal right? Whole summer is ruined… but then again… its our fault to begin with…</p>

<p>It would be nice to know at least like a probability or the chance we have of our appeals working out… and to hear from someone who was in this situation last year…</p>

<p>For others reading this thread…please…look for the deadlines and adhere to them. In fact, submit early in case there is some error that needs to be fixed or a computer snafu. Missing deadlines is something that can have huge consequences.</p>

<p>They were supposed to start reviewing them in september but I got the email today saying they approved my funding and this will be a one time forgiveness only. I was supposed to be awarded 13,540.00 origianlly but now they gave me 12,673.00 I applied for the parent plus loan because I Was scared and didnt know if theyd approve me and they turned the parent plus loan that was 13,540.00 into a 300 dollar loan and awarded me the 12,673.00 so if you were late and your a first time studnet they will probably award you your money if you have any questions email me I was scared ****less so yay/</p>