Turning down HYPSC for Dartmouth?

<p>For students who are doing this, what is your reason? I am currently deciding between Dart and Columbia, and although they are entirely different, I like them both. Hard choice.</p>

<p>Does C equal Columbia, Cornell, or Caltech? Or something else?</p>

<p>Columbia, sorry for the confusion.</p>

<p>It's interesting how HYP became HYPS, which became HYPSM, which became HYPSC. </p>

<p>While I greatly dislike the term 'Lesser Five' Ivies (which people often use), I don't associate Columbia with HYPS moreso than I associate it with the Ivies in general. In short, I don't think Columbia is quite in the HYPS category.</p>

<p>And yes, I was admitted to Columbia.</p>

<p>I personally liked Dartmouth a whole lot more. I felt there was a much greater sense of community, among other things. The campus was also much larger and the students were more friendly. This is just my sentiment however, it may or may not be shared by you.</p>


<p>I agree...it should just be HYPCorDPennBCol</p>

<p>I transferred from Columbia to Dartmouth, best decision I have ever made.</p>

<p>Oh yeah, and I am with the HYPSM comments. No way Columbia is better than Dartmouth/ Penn/ etc.</p>

<p>I got into harvard, yale, dartmouth and a few others. I always knew I would go to dartmouth over any other schools if I got into dartmouth: i did, and I'm going to dartmouth.</p>

<p>As to the reasons:</p>

<p>Find your own reasons, I cannot project my reasons onto any one else. There are very good reasons. I've thought them through point by point; in the end, I believe dartmouth offers the best college experience in America.
Apparently, a lot of people chose dartmouth for a lot of reasons and often different reasons. My reasons lead to the conclusion that dartmouth is the best undergrad college in the country with no exceptions.</p>

<p>I could give a crap if they add any letter of the alphabet to HYP….any of the following would be fine and apropos: QWERTYUIOPASDFGHJKLZXCVBNM.</p>

<p>yah, i'm giving up that acronymn because Dartmouth was a better school it seemed. The kids were much more enthusiastic about their school and the Dartmouth experience. I had a great time at Yale, and it was tough deciding between the schools. Mainly, I went with Dartmouth because it seemed more focused on undergrad, the teachers seemed to be more accessable (i went to three classes at D, and all of the professors knew i wasn't in their class and made it a point to learn about me and offer any help).</p>

<p>Dartmouth also seemed more relaxed, and i don't mean that they weren't as intense on academics. it just seemed like many of the kids at Yale were bred, born, and raised to go to Yale. They didn't seem as real as the Dartmouth students.</p>

<p>Yale has a name, but you're not gonna get into better grad schools or have better job opportunities straight out because the people that need to know what school you went to know the quality of undergrad education you can get at Dartmouth. And most of the kids at Yale can't list many reasons why they think Yale is better than the name, Dartmouth ones can't stop naming reasons why they love Dartmouth and feel that its the best place to get your undergraduate education.</p>

<p>I'm glad I'm gonna be an '09. Believe me, it was tough convincing my mom about the name, but she's sided with me now.</p>

<p>Glad to hear you've decided on Dartmouth, Hands. :D Next fall is going to be awesome.</p>

<p>After a month's tough decision-making, I finally decide to turn down Stanford to attend Dartmouth.
Stanford gives a better "full ride", which includes everything from insurance to international travel fees. But as an international student, I want to probe deep into the American culture and find the traditions, which draw me to New England. As for academic, many guys tell me they are, and with many other top colleges, just the same, so what I concern is some other factors. Dartmouth gives me a more intimate sense of community, which I will cherish for a life time. I prefer smaller schools, and Stanford seems a bit large for its student body. Besides, asian-americans are much too prevalent in Stanford, which is not suitable for me as a Chinese.</p>

<p>WOW William, TOUGH choice!</p>

<p>BTW William do you have IM, I can't PM you...I think Stanford is a ridiculously good option if its cheaper too.</p>


<p>both handsonthedash and myself chose dartmouth over yale (for me also harvard). I hope you come to dartmouth so I have a chance to meet another person who knows what they want, not what other people think they should want.</p>

<p>People pay a lot of money for a lot of things less significant than 4 years of their life engaged in learning and becoming your greater self.</p>

<p>WAY TO GO!!!!!!</p>


<p>Are you going to try to convince him to go to Stanford instead?</p>

<p>williamzhang, you have the right reasons for choosing one school over another. I know another person who picked Dartmouth over Stanford for similar reasons as yours except for the "Asian-American" part.</p>

<p>Not at all Xanatos, I just want to see the extent of the money issue, because honestly if Stanford is considerably cheaper its hard to turn down.</p>