<p>for those of you have have tutored before what was the 'salary' you got?</p>

<p>It depends on how specialized the tutoring is. A calculus tutor, even a student, should charge more than someone tutoring algebra I, for instance. It also varies a lot from place to place. It's going to be more in NYC than someplace rural. It also depends on the age of the tutor (although it probably shouldn't). An adult or college student will be able to charge more than a high school student.</p>

<p>Over the summer, I saw my students twice a week, an hour each time -
I didn't do it for the money, though.</p>

<p>Charged 20 dollars if I went to their houses or 15 dollars to come to mine, per hour.
Just Algebra I, even some prealgebra.</p>



<p>That sounds about right for algebra 1, where there are many people qualified to tutor. I know of a high school student who made $25/hr tutoring calculus. He lived in a small town, or it probably would have been $35.hr. Something really specialized, with few qualified tutors, would be more. Speech pathologists or dyslexia specialists charge around $75/hr. Look for advertisements on bulletin boards in places students hang out to see what other tutors in your area charge. Also call any companies like Sylvan that you have in your area and see what they charge (figure the tutor only gets 40-50% of what the student is charged). Some teacher supply stores also maintain a list of teachers willing to do private tutoring, which may include what they charge.</p>

<p>I tutor little kids for free :} sometimes they're mean heh.</p>

<p>no one around here likes to be reached out to or tutored in the first place.. we don't have that community thing [i also cant get a job mowing cuz they all do everything themselves and no one buys lemonades]. no one will pay to be tutored. only the little kids.. but they get that for free. so heh..</p>


<p>That's it.</p>

<p>$7.50 an hour. $15 an hour for two students on the same day.</p>

<p>I charged $15 an hour to tutor a middle school kid in spelling.</p>

<p>I get $15.00 an hour</p>