<p>Can anyone give me some tips on how to publicize the fact that I tutor. It sounds like a job I would like to start.</p>

<p>Word of mouth (let your parents/neighbors/etc know that you are available) and flyers (post a few qualifications - your grade, maybe something that indicates how educated you are, what you're available to tutor). Post the flyers everywhere - supermarkets especially.</p>

<p>Posting at places like your school or library is also a good idea.</p>

<p>My friend and I run a tutoring business. The best way to get the word out is put a flyer in every teacher's room (if you can). Then, notify the academic counselors about your business so they can refer you to people who are having trouble. If your school has a tutor list, put your name on there. If you school has a career center, put a flyer in there (same with library). Finally, word of mouth is priceless -- it's the number one way to get clients.</p>

<p>Yes, notify the counselors. If you prove that you are reliable they will reference you to so many students that you will have unlimited work. Also, we have organized tutoring at our school where the advanced students are matched with the less advanced students and the school pays for tutoring... they don't get paid as much (I believe $8/hour) but it is arranged and fairly convenient... so check into that too.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>take out ads in school papers</p>

<p>Thanks everyone! I officially have 9 clients!</p>