TV in Dorm Room (Need stand?)

<p>So I have a 37" LCD TV for my dorm I need a separate stand or will it fit on my chest of drawers that they provide?</p>

<p>hey how much did you get your 37 inch for? im planing to get one that size too but im going to see my dorm before I buy it though just to be safe. sorry if I couldn't help</p>

<p>I've saw a sony 30" 1080 for 550 at best buy.</p>

<p>Actually ended up getting a 42" from Amazon. Will this be too big for our room? Apparently we are in a corner room.</p>

<p>errr does anyone not bring a TV? My sons were always thrilled to get a roommate without one, and at Duke most kids who had them to watch sports or whatever had small ones--son's later roomie had a 27 inch and they always met in a dorm hall to watch big screen sports...the halls have large ones for big games and showtimes to share with is extremely stimulating at Vandy and the work is hard..tons to do all the time. Please no flames but I think you should ask your roommate what his/her preferences are...a 42 inch is bigger than any TV of the four TVs in my house! Is your roommate excited about a 42 inch screen in the room? I guess his/her opinion is what matters since this is shared space.</p>

<p>I would personally rather not have a TV. Calling my roommate today, so we'll see...</p>

<p>My D's roommate had a relatively small tv and the only place to put it was on top of the dressers that were stacked on top of each other. There isn't much room to spare in most rooms!</p>