TV in dorm

<p>Does anyone recommend bringing one from home? I know there’s one in the lounge, but should I anyway? </p>

<p>Are there any specifications for the TV? Where would you put it anyway?</p>

<p>yes, the majority of people on my floor freshman year had tvs in their rooms. my roommate brought one.
you can put it on top of anything... be creative. it's your room</p>

<p>alright and how big are the tvs generally?</p>

<p>I would like to know this too...i dont have one so i was thinking of buying a flatscreen when i move in from craigslist or something</p>

<p>one of my roommate brought a TV in. We put it out in our living room (we live in Cuarto, btw). </p>

<p>Honestly, don't bother. You get limited channels, and my roommates and I can never find something to watch on TV.</p>

<p>There is so much more to do in college besides watch TV... take advantage... 4 years goes by fast. Keep active.</p>

<p>agree with ventureman and kitty. forget about tv for a while and really live. </p>


<p>My kids wouldn't want to be at a college where people have TVs in their room. I'm glad.</p>