TV size: what's appropriate?

<p>Hi. I had a quick question regarding a slight TV dilemma.</p>

<p>As a graduation present, my grandparents offered to buy me a new TV to replace this behemoth that I used to have in my room. I went out and purchased a 32 inch LCD, which I figured was both small and big enough for a dorm room, though I didn't want to purchase anything bigger.</p>

<p>However, after playing some games on it for the past few days, I've found that the images have a large enough degree of motion blur, which can really be disorienting, and because of this I opted to return the TV in exchange for a plasma, which, from the research I've done, drastically reduces motion blur and things like that. However, for a comparable resolution (1080p for anyone with tv knowledge) about the smallest plasma I could find is 42 inches.</p>

<p>Long story short, I understand that 42 inches is pretty large for a college dorm TV, but the question is: is this really TOO large? Do you think that a 42 inch plasma would be too big for a dorm room, or will it be alright?</p>

<p>Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>I don't think it's too large, your roomie will probably love you for it. Plus it's only for a year, when you go off campus you would want the bigger one.</p>

<p>GO 42 INCHES.</p>

<p>seriously. I personally don't think its too large. . .and i think the reduced motion blur is worth the bulk.</p>

<p>plus, your roommate will love you for it. :)</p>

<p>just be prepared for your room to become the Unofficial entertainment hub in your hall. . .lol</p>

<p>But I don't think you're allowed to bring a TV that's larger than 32 inches (or maybe 28 inches). Check you move-in packet or the UCSB housing and residential services website. Besides, a 42-inch TV is way too big for your dorm room. You might wanna have that in your house when you live in IV instead of in the res halls.</p>

<p>They don't really check the size of your TV or your fridge when you move in.
I have a 32" and its nice to have the big resolution.
My 32" fits fine on my desk if I remove the book shelve.<br>
I think the 42" will fit too.</p>

<p><-- and LOL to the TV ads on the left</p>

<p>I was holding someone's 37" TV in my Manzanita room for a week and I thought it took up way too much room.</p>