TV size

<p>What TV size is best for the dorm room? My son is in monroe and I was thinking a 22". Any input? Thanks!</p>

<p>Appreciate the question which I'm sure has a "real" answer. For the sake of stimulating discussion, how about a "zero" inch TV (no TV)? How many students forego in-room TV? If they do, are there TVs in the common areas?</p>

<p>My roomate brought a TV and we never used it once throughout the year. There was a nice TV in the common room (Butler 8th floor) which was used pretty frequently.</p>

<p>"... are there TVs in the common areas?"</p>

<p>Yes ... and quite a number more at The Boot!</p>

<p>tv's are cool, but not necessary. they're good for watching sports, but most shows kids simply follow online. also tv's are good for video games, and in that scenario the bigger the better</p>

<p>S2 says that anything there is to watch can be watched over the Internet. For the Mac, and likely a PC, a tv cable connector can be purchased from Elgato so cable shows can be watched on a computer.</p>

<p>Thanks!!! Ds wants it for the xbox. Oh and he is in Sharp, not Monroe. My bad...</p>

<p>No biggie. Sharp and Monroe very similar. What size do you think you will go with?</p>

<p>I brought a TV my freshman year and my roommate and i never even set it up. We just used the TVs in the lounges.</p>

<p>can you use the lounge t.v.s for xbox?</p>

<p>Hmm, interesting to hear what current students have to say. My D says "I never saw it, but I think you can". And I know my S has done it at his school.</p>