TV weather people!

<p>Is it like this all over the country? There is a storm moving through our county, so the local news, which is supposed to be over at 6:30, is still on the air an hour later, telling us in minute detail the progress of the storm, how many lightning strikes, etc. Reporters on the scene getting hailed on, radar with lots of colors, pictures of rain coming down. They've got 2 or 3 meteorologists in there consulting. They're like this with snowstorms too, but tonight they seem really nuts.</p>

<p>Here in Seattle, our TV weathermen are the biggest local TV celebrities. :)</p>

<p>Here they'll do something similar (Storm Watch!!) if it's going to be a 'major winter storm' and rain a half inch or so (after 5 or 6 months of no rain at all). It's pretty funny for people familiar with 'real weather' in other parts of the country to see the big deal they try to make out of a what would be an average (for elsewhere) rainfall. </p>

<p>I thought your post was going to be about why weather casters more often than not are the stooges of broadcasting. Why do they think this is necessary? People will watch the news with relatively normal news people and sports people but for some reason they think they have to put a stooge on as the weather person?</p>

<p>All I can say (for those who live in Chicagoland) is two words: </p>

<p>Tom Skilling</p>

I hope you meant that in the best way. I think he's the best in our area by far.
Jerry Taft, on the other hand calls his frequent incorrect forecasts as "bonus rain" or "bonus snow", and other things to that effect.</p>

<p>Seriously, I tell my students to consider being a weatherperson, because I think they get away with lots of big mistakes and it never seems to lose them their job.</p>

<p>Oh, of course I meant it in the best way. I've lived in a few places, in different weather regions, and think Skilling has everyone beat. He is a true weather expert, who works in broadcast. I loved following his storm chasing adventures a couple of weeks ago... like watching a kid in a candy shop!</p>

<p>Look up these guys:</p>

<li>Sonny Eliot. One of the original "shtick" weathermen telling a stream of jokes.</li>
<li>Al Kaprielian. Words fail. The most untelegenic human ever, strangely compelling.</li>

<p>In Boston, the last few days were marked by a massive haze. Total surprise to everyone. It smelled weird and people were calling fire depts all over the state. I finally heard on the radio it was smoke from fires in Quebec. The weather people on every channel missed it.</p>

<p>The TV weather people here in San Diego have the easiest job in the world. Because 95% of the time all they have to do is go on camera and say: "Tomorrow the weather is going to be just like it was today - Nice."</p>

<p>That's it. Say that nearly every day, punch the time clock, and go home.</p>

<p>^^ they don't get bored and leave where they might really have to work? j/k</p>

<p>I thought it might be a complaint like I have. Slowly but surely the meteorologists that were there have been replaced with weather reporters. Saw one not too long ago that when the anchor asked if the sun spots had any affect on the weather said that sounded interesting and would have to check on it. sigh. Oh and we get the colors and lightening strikes extra reporting too. They can all tell you what colors are on the screen.</p>

<p>^^The weather gal on one of our main network affiliates used to be the traffic gal on another station. So much for hiring an actual meteorologist,</p>

<p>our TV weathermen are the biggest local TV celebrities.</p>

<p>I agree.
Steve Pool for mayor!</p>

<p>Yes, ek! Absolutely! And Jeff Renner for County Executive!</p>

<p>We even have a dynasty of weather folks. Wappler Doppler :)</p>

<p>Hey, I grew up on Sonny Elliot.</p>

<p>"Today we'll have snow with fog --a little Snog"..and then he'd chuckle :D</p>

<p>He's still around doing local commercials. He's well into his 80's now.</p>

<p>Yeah, the job does seem to be more on-air presence than actual knowledge. I was just mad because they pre-empted the national news and Jeopardy over a thunderstorm. What happened to the little warnings scrolling along on the bottom of the screen? They were adequate.</p>

<p>Oh yah...Lergnom and Silvermoonlock,Sonny Elliot was the King of Detroit. Didnt he have a Dance Party show as well?</p>

<p>The weather folk here are celebrating the beginning of hurricane season. Thank God for cable and lots of "other stations".</p>