Two Common App Mistakes and Questions

<p>I submitted the common app last weekend...but now I realized that I have two problems, both are probably moot, but still...</p>

<p>First...I have done 2 summer science camps and one one week science internship. When I was reading the common app, I read the summer school part as being for only credit courses taken over the summer, so I never listed my summer camps or my internship. But now I think I should have. My question is how should I supply this info. Should I make a resume, have my counselor write them in the rec, or have him send them in on another piece of paper.</p>

<h1>2, I don't know why this happened, but the last two of my EC are lacrosse and yearbook. Under varsity it lacrosse it say "School's Yearbook", where it should just be blank so it looks like.....</h1>

<p>Varsity Lacrosse</p>

<h2>School's yearbook</h2>

Yearbook Commitee</p>

<p>And I didn't know why it did this because for varsity sports it doesn't even let you write anything about them in the first place. Is this going to matter or look confusing at all, because I really didn't know how to fix it.</p>