Two Grammar Questions

<p>1) In the opinion of most experts, A.(what) B.(any) student can expect to learn C.(from even) the D.(most experienced) teachers depends on the student's own level of commitment. E.No Error </p>

<p>2) A novice tennis player A.(himself), Manuel offered B.(to practice) with Julian, matched in ability C.(as they were) D.(by) their mutual lack of familiarity with the game. E.No Error</p>

<p>Please explain why the answer is correct. Thanks.</p>

<p>1) I’m not seeing an error. No Error. </p>

<p>Choice (A) does sound funny, but it’s still grammatical. </p>

<p>2) Did is the sentence supposed to be: “…with Julian, as they were matched in ability by…” because that would make a lot more sense.</p>

<p>No the sentence is correct as is</p>

<p>i thought in the first one, any should be an, but i dunno</p>

<p>In the second sentence, “as” means “in the same way” or “to the same degree that.” The two were matched in ability in the same way, or to the same degree that they were matched by their mutual lack of familiarity with the game.</p>

<p>Why should “any” be “an” in the first one? ‘AN student’? “Any” makes sense because the sentence isn’t talking about a specific student…it’s talking about an arbitrary, random student.</p>