Two important questions

I have 2 questions regarding admissions. First of all, is it late to send abstracts right now? I heard that I can do it until 15 feb, and how should i send them? Using supplemental material form? A second question is about fin aid documents? How should i send them? And is 15 feb deadline for fin aid documents?</p>

<p>Oh, and another question. I read that I have to submit translated version of Parents' 2011 Income Tax Returns or wage statement. How should i do this? I have to get this documents from parents scan them then translate and send to MIT?</p>

<p>Yes, it is late to send materials regarding application including supplementary forms. The deadline is Jan. 1. However, you can call the admission office for clarification. The deadline for submitting FA documents is Feb. 15. It is not late, be quick!</p>

<p>I talked with F Aid today and they don't want scanned documents. You can fax or mail them, though.</p>

<p>@mathaddicted, talk to FA as the process for internationals is different.</p>

<p>Thanks to everybody. I ve just got letter from officials, and they said that i still have time to send abstracts. Relief!</p>