Two Perfect Subject Tests, One Horrible One?

<p>In June, I took 3 subject tests. The third one was the biggest mistake ever. World History. U had a feeling about the test and I should have just walked out of the test room before the third one, but I didn't. I got an 800 on Math Level 2 and Chemistry but a horrible, terrible 610 on World History! Is this the end of the line for me if I want to go Ivy? On Score Choice, do they let you pick Subject Test scores, too? If so, I'd just choose Math 2 and Chem. Any thoughts?</p>

<p>As far as I know you can use Score Choice to send whatever scores you actually want to send.</p>

<p>You definitely can do better, but I doubt a 610 will be what will kill your chances. And since you have two 800s you should be fine for the schools that require a minimum of two scores.</p>

<p>And if there's another subject you want to take there's still October.</p>

<p>I'm not going to retake WH, but I am planning to take SAT Physics in November. I'm retaking my regular SAT in October.</p>

<p>Thanks for the reply.</p>

<p>with score choice you can send whichever tests you want, including SAT Subject tests. In your case, just don't send your 610. Since both your 800s were in math and science, I would probably take another test in history, language, or lit just to balance it out</p>

<p>I also received a 610 on WH and even though I expected it, it still hurts when you see it on your screen. My mother is a college counselor and said that every college, except Georgetown, requires only two subject tests so you just send your best. And if you fall in love with Georgetown, then you take another subject test you could do better in.</p>

<p>Is it really that necessary to "balance out" the tests for colleges that only require two tests? I've heard it's not too hard to do 700+ in lit, but is it worth spending that much time studying?</p>

<p>Second, what about schools like Yale, Columbia, and UPenn that say they want all SAT scores? I'll still send all my regular SATs, but will they know if I leave out the one bad Subject Test score?</p>

<p>@cyborg939: Because many of the top schools (Yale, Stanford, Columbia, etc.) don't allow score choice, I don't want to risk getting in deep trouble by "forgetting" to send one score. That's why I'm retaking my World History :( I think anything considerably under 700 might look bad but I'm pretty sure admissions likes seeing improvement so I would retake the WH in December, the only other time beside June that offers WH.</p>

<p>How big of a deal is it to "forget" to send one score?</p>

<p>(I'm just asking hypothetically because I'm happy with all my scores)</p>

<p>The WH test was one of the HARDEST tests I have taken. I felt so dumb even after spending a year in AP WH with straight A's and complements from my teacher. My friend got a 770 (not sure how), but I had a really hard time. Is it really that bad to have ONE bad score in a sea of good ones? I would much rather spend my summer studying for the regular SAT and getting as high as I can on that. I know that most of the schools I'm interested in (Harvard, Brown, UVA, WUSTL, JHU) do use score choice. Do I have a better chance at these schools using Score Choice to hide my WH score vs the non-Score Choice schools that will see my pathetic WH score?</p>

<p>I got similar Chem and Math II scores (800 and 770 respectively), but got a 680 in USH (It was harder than the AP test), and I only need to send two, so I think I'll be fine (I might retake the Math II because I know I can do better).</p>

<p>But, from what I heard, score choice is allowed for Subject tests for Cornell and many other Ivy's. I'm not confident about the SAT Is or ACTs.</p>

<p>check the individual school websites
cornell does not say anything about allowing score choice or not for sat 1 or 2 at all, so i must assume they must allow
some other ivies like brown, dartmouth and princeton allow score choice</p>

<p>Cornell</a> University Undergraduate Admissions Office - HOW TO APPLY</p>

<p>No score choice for SAT I or ACT, but it doesn't say anything about SAT IIs.</p>

<p>^ It refers to SAT 2 also, I recently contacted my regional admission officer about the same question via email.</p>

<p>What? My crappy ush score must be sent? What if i take physics? I want to see how well i can self-study!</p>

<p>They rejected my caps lock.</p>

<p>honestly there's no way colleges can find out that you used score choice. college board can't release your scores without your permission but it does feel dishonest</p>

<p>^ That's what I said before, but some people think it's a "risk". I really dont know lol.</p>