Two Princeton Ph.D's awarded MacArthur "genius" grants

<p>lisa curran, EEB, 1994</p>

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<p>terence tao, mathematics, 1996</p>

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<p>The former is currently a Yale professor!</p>

<p>yes, indeed. i think i saw a few others with yalie credentials, too, including one who had a master's, of all things, from yale law.</p>

<p>The latter is a UCLA professor!</p>

<p>Princeton didn't extend a fast-track tenure offer?</p>

<p>from what i understand, the math department almost never hires its own. they made an exception for this guy, though (like tao, a popular science brilliant 10'er):</p>

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<p>President Ford, if I'm not mistaken, also has a masters from Yale Law. the LLM? maybe Byerly knows more about that.</p>