Two Princeton Professors Win Major Environmental Awards (news item)

<p>"Socolow honored for environmental achievement"</p>

<p>Princeton</a> University - Socolow honored for environmental achievement</p>

<p>"Levin awarded Margalef Prize" </p>

<p>Princeton</a> University - Levin awarded Margalef Prize</p>

<p>Within a month of each other, two Princeton professors have won major environmental science awards. Professor Levin has just won the international Margalef Prize in Ecology and Environmental Sciences. "The award recognizes individuals worldwide who have distinguished themselves in the field of ecology." Earlier, Professor Socolow "received the Keystone Award for Leadership in the Environment, which recognizes contributions to solving society's environmental problems."</p>


<p>More information about Princeton's Program in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology can be found here:</p>

<p>Department</a> of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology</p>

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