Two Questions!

<p>I'm pretty sure that this was asked before, but I couldn't find the thread. Would I be able to defer for a year after receiving acceptance to a school (hoping I do)?</p>

<p>Secondly, on the Common App, can we send the application separately from the supplements? I'm not quite done with the supplements, but I have the school forms sent out, and I'd like my application to meet them.</p>


<p>Transfer students usually are not allowed to defer admission because they are admitted for a specific term.</p>

<p>You can not send the application and supplements separately. You must complete the application, supplements, and paid the application fee before your application is considered complete. The college will not be able to download your application if any of those parts are missing. It is ok to send your forms and transcripts before the application. Once everything is received, the college will compile and match your information to your file.</p>

<p>The inside scoop is the biggest reason many of these schools have such high application and denial numbers is because of unprepared students trying to jump ahead. It's such a racket they base selectivity off of that %.</p>