Two reply choices

I understand that one reply choices copies the post that is being replied to…and the other just replies to the thread without it. BUT why do we need both. If I want to let a specific poster know I’m responding to them, I can quote part of their post and/or tag them.

Frankly, I don’t understand the need for two different reply buttons on every single post.



Or maybe label the button to add to the thread in general as something other than reply or vice versa. Maybe label it as “advise” “response” or “comment” ? Having 2 of them in close proximity is sort of annoying.

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I have sort of the opposite opinion on this. I think every forum I participate in has something similar. You can either reply to a specific post (and it will quote or otherwise make it clear what you’re replying to), or you can reply to the thread in general. And I don’t see it as “two different reply buttons on every single post”, I see it as a choice of replying to a single post, or replying to the thread. Maybe the issue is the way they’re labeled, where they’re currently both called “Reply”. Maybe make it “Reply to this post” and “Reply to thread”? I can definitely see why using the label “Reply” for two different things is confusing. So yeah, I agree that the labeling should be changed, but I disagree that both functions aren’t needed.


I don’t see this. Where is the second?

I see a single Reply button on every single post (and the option to Quote reply if text is highlighted) and then one global reply button for the entire thread at the very bottom, after, and separate from, all the individual replies, to use if I’m not replying to a particular post.

This makes sense to me. But if there’s another “Reply” button next to the “Reply” button that I have, that would seem odd.

Ok…one thing that I do see that makes sense…for the reply that is to the post…when you click on that, the posters name is there with a little curvy arrow and you do get the option of sending a message. This is a way to send a message to someone with a private profile.

Maybe labeling more clearly…reply to thread…reply to post…might clarify.

I know I’m not the only one who has mistakenly replied to the poster and was actually admonished by another poster for doing so.

@RichInPitt yes…both reply are at the end of the posts. But that last post sort of looks like two reply buttons.

And usually there is at an ad separating them🙄

Usually it looks like this…

“Reply to Thread” and “Reply to Post” are fabulous ideas! I’ll let the team know.