Two SAT II's?

<p>My D did much better on the ACT (35 w/o writing, 34 with) than she did on the old SAT. Her plan was to just submit the ACT but since she did better on the new SAT in Nov. (close, but probably not quite as good as the ACT) and had good scores on the SAT II's that she took (770 and 790, Lit and History) she decided to send those as well. Yale's web site seems to suggest that they will take the ACT if that is all you take but if you take the SAT you should take three SAT II's. My question is, will they consider that she did not satisfy their testing requirement or will they use the ACT as it is higher anyway and just look at the two SAT II's as additional information?</p>

<p>From my understanding, they'll take a look at whatever scores you submit, thought theyhave some priorities.</p>

<p>Yeah, they'll take the ACT. I was in the same situation with a good ACT score and a decent SAT with two SAT IIs, and they ended up taking my ACT score itself.</p>