Two semifinalists from one high school

<p>My daughter and a boy at her school (and possibly a third kid!) are PSP semifinalists. Their senior class has only 150 kids.</p>

<p>Is there any reliable info on whether it matters to GA Tech that these kids go to the same high school? We've speculated endlessly about it, but it makes sense to us that GA Tech would prefer not to have more than one finalist from the same high school. I would appreciate your thoughts on this.</p>

<p>I personally know at least ten kids in my senior class that are semifinalists to tech out of a class of ~300.</p>

<p>i'm not sure if it makes a difference -- i hope not, since at least 5, including me, are from mine. however, i don't think it will be that big of a factor.</p>

<p>Brookwood produced three PSs last year--all accepted their offers--so it doesn't seem to matter much. Would Paul Johnson care if he signed several recruits from one high school? If they can play the game, then that's all that matters.</p>

<p>That's good to know. My d and one of her friends from church both made PSP. He goes to a different H.S. in the area, but they will have similar EC's (off-campus). </p>


<p>Believe it or not...last year at my school, we had 3 presidential scholars. The senior class was around 200ppl.</p>

<p>Ours schools located in the Augusta area.</p>

<p>which school, four arm? woot for augusta (greenbrier)</p>

<p>eewwww greenbrier =D</p>


<p>at least we don't have to cheat to win football games... O:-) though how the heck is your senior class around 200? mine's roughly 550...</p>

<p>that was last year man/woman. get over it. we beat yall this year in football and basketball :p</p>

<p>anyway, i was referring to LAST years senior class
this year we have around 400
and how can you compare your senior class to ours. Your school is a division above us, of course you have more ppl</p>

<p>my sr class has 448 kids and i know of six kids who have chosen as psps...</p>