two small grammar questions

<li>Should i write out the word or just write the number for time? Is it 10 pm or ten pm?</li>
<li>Is it PM or pm?</li>


<li>write the number (as in 10:00 pm, or 10:46 pm). the general rule for other numbers (not time) is from 1 to 10 write the word (one, two...nine, ten), and for number above that write the actual number (67, 457, 84350). But for time, write the number always. </li>
<li>am and pm should be in lower case, but there is no real rule for this. If you wrote them in upper case, I'm sure no one would really notice/care.</li>

<p>hey thanks</p>

<p>another question, for the essays, i assume it should be times new roman 12 single spaced? Should there be a line between paragraphs or should the paragraphs be without any line skips?</p>

<p>Well, you can either skip lines between paragraphs OR indent. I think that the best way to type your essay is 12 New Roman, but 1.5 space it and don't skip lines, but indent.</p>

<p>It is actually any number 100 is written out... Not just below ten...
So it would be seventy-seven but 177...</p>