TWO Spikes?

I have two major college major interests and spikes for my application. I’m somewhat targeting top unis in the US, I’m an international student.

I have a joint CS and English major interest. I have almost an equal number of achievements and definitely the same amount of passion in/for both fields. I win hackathon prizes and get published in T50 journals. Just saying.

Will colleges see this as being ‘confused’ about future goals? Will they see me as trying to pursue two things at once just for the sake of applications? Will they reject me on these grounds alone, or is that somewhat probable?

No lol…that’s a good thing


we’re in the same boat (sort of) lol, I have spikes in CS and polisci! I think it’s a good thing, especially since CS is so interdisciplinary.

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No college will reject you for being heavily involved in varied interests. That’s a good thing.


Top unis in the US would like it. Top unis in the UK (and elsewhere where undergrad is essentially junior grad school) would be indifferent or wouldn’t.

But the top-ranked (private) unis in the US are insanely difficult to get in to. Not to mention very few offer fin aid to Internationals. Make sure you have a good and realistic list.

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