Types of Decisions on March 29???

<p>What types of decisions will be made on March 29? Would it be either Congrats or We regret to inform? Or something else, like You are in the waiting list or Guaranteed to transfer in a year? Just curious...</p>


<p>Last year our D's online was a rejection so we were surprised when a couple of weeks later she got a large pkg from Cornell. We initially thought it was pretty insensitive to send school propoganda when she had been rejected, but when we opened it she was actually offered a guaranteed admission for her sophomore year! When I went back on line to look at the letter again, sure enough, down quite a ways it told us about the guaranteed admission but after the "we thank you for your interest in Cornell..." I guess we didn't read the whole thing. </p>

<p>So my advise is to read the whole letter, you might be surprised.</p>

<p>D followed through with GT and will be attending in August.</p>

<p>^That's so awesome lol</p>

<p>collegemom4, I wish the same thing would happen to me. You made me cry from hope.</p>

<p>How long does the GT option last?? can you transfer after one semester in the spring? and can you take the required courses in the summer??</p>

<p>It's my understanding the departments are different...some are a year and some are two years. I haven't heard of any of them being just a semester. D was accepted to ILR and it was for a year, meaning she transfers into the sophmore class. She could attend college (prior to transferring) at any school, but had to maintain a certain grade point average, take a certain number of units, and take classes from specified categories i.e., english, math etc. She had her classes approved as she went along and sent her transcripts at the end of each term.</p>

<p>I have to say the only draw back has been keeping up her emotional momentum over this past year. She attended a UC close to our house and has made friends and settled in to the routine of the school (not to mention a boyfriend). But as much as it's going to be hard to leave now that she's settled in, she just recently told me that she knows she'll get a better education and have better opportunities post graduation from Cornell so it's worth making new friends when she transfers. </p>

<p>I wish Cornell had had get togethers with other GT's from our area that were going through the same process, then she would know some people when she transfers in August and she wouldn't feel like she is leaving an established social situation but she'll be fine.</p>

<p>I wish you all the best...I know it's an exciting time. Enjoy it because not many more times in life are so exciting!</p>

<p>thanx. im in hotel. do you know if we can start taking classes in the summer for the required units or like Cornell Summer College?? I want to transfer earlier</p>

<p>I don't know the requirements for hotel...you might want to call and ask them. Everyone we've worked with over during this process has been very helpful. My guess would be they don't allow the summer option but I'd definitely ask the question if you're offered the GT option. Good luck.</p>

<p>collegemom4- did your d receive official word on ILR GT? My d was told she would hear officially in about 10- 14 days regarding her fall ILR GT admission.</p>

<p>Trillium-They told us last week it would be no more than two weeks and they would call the students to tell them. So we're expecting the call the end of this week or early next week.</p>

<p>Thanks collegemom4. We were told the same thing. Apparently the review board meets a week from this Friday and they need a few days after that to get the notifications out. They are really trying to be considerate of the fact that deposits/housing/registration is due at the current schools for those who are not admitted as transfers. Post when you hear!</p>