Types of Pencils I Can Use

<p>Does it really matter what type of pencil I use for the SAT? I prefer using lead pencils, especially for the essay. If the proctor doesn't mind, I'm sure that lead pencils would work on scantrons.</p>

<p>They don't care. Even if by some odd coincidence they did care, they have spare pencils to lend you.</p>

<p>i also have a question about pencils, is it ok to use mechanical pencils? They say that you're not suppose to but it is because the machines won't be able to read it or that it gives you a so called "unfair" advantage over the other test takers? I used a normal pencil last time and it kinda sucked cuz I'm so used to using mechanical pencils..kinda silly, I know lol</p>

<p>as long as it's #2</p>

<p>^ well the thing is that it doesn't say...but i use it on my school scan trons and it works if that means anything</p>

<p>^ I used mechanical pencils on my PSAT and I have friends who have used them on actual SAT's and it worked out fine for them. So I would say it's fine to use them (unless you have a very strict nazi-esque proctor).</p>

<p>^ thx for confirming heh...I could always bring several pencils and play dumb and pretend not to know xD</p>

<p>edit* >< oh but they they you when they read the directions lol</p>

<p>guys u do u know that you're taking a risk dont you?
i sometimes even fear that the machine wont read my #2 pencil... gosh u guys have balls xD</p>

<p>I almost always use mechanical pencils. Ren, you're just ultra-paranoid. :P</p>

<p>As to the OP, wow. Since when did they invent lead pencils? Do you know where I can get some? Because frankly, I'm tired of using graphite pencils. =(</p>

<p>There's absolutely nothing wrong with using a mechanical pencil as long as you are using #2 lead. I've used my mechanical pencil on all my SAT tests and AP tests and nothing bad happened. So did a bunch of my friends. Just make sure your proctor isn't anal about it though most don't care either.
I think I read somewhere that the ban exists more to prevent cheating because you can put a small camera (which is more difficult with a wooden pencil) in it or something than it is because of scanning issues.</p>

<p>i have a question. I think that i may have accidentally used a 2-5/8 medium pencil on the sat subject tests and i am just wondering what is going to happen?</p>

<h1>2 is just the easiest type of graphite for the scanner to pick up.</h1>

<p>Pencils such as hard/soft are not as receptive(You need to press a little harder etc)</p>

<p>It will probably be fine, but you could always talk to your school about it. If anything is wroung, they can sort it out. Or, you could contact college board and make sure everything is okay before you ask your school.</p>

<p>I'm not sure if we are permitted to post links(even de-activated ones). To find the college board contact list google "call college board"->First link.</p>


<p>i think you could use mechanical pencil 0.7 or the stander which is for the sat</p>

<p>Seeing as I used mechanical pencils for all of my AP tests, I am pretty confident that most pencils (except the really hard ones) will scan. Besides I wrote the essay of the SAT in mechanical pencil twice before and it looked fine in the online scan of my essay.</p>

<p>This new rule came about a couple of years ago. That year's supervisor manuals had new instructions about pencils added to say specifically that mechanical pencils aren't allowed and to fill in the circles "darkly and completely" several times in the script. It's supposed to be written on the board as well, and the room supervisor is also supposed to check to make sure no one is using a mechanical pencil. They also send out posters specifically about the pencil issue every time, along with boxes of pencils to hand out. I'd say it's pretty important or they wouldn't spend that kind of money. </p>

<p>But it's your test... if you want to chance it...</p>