Typical Transfer thread?

<p>So basically I did really average/poor in high school, but thats only because of my (insert personal reason, which fully explains, why it is not my fault). So now, even before I have began my freshmen orientation at the college I will be attending, I have decided that (insert random ivy here) is my dream school. What do you think my chances are/ what I could be doing to improve my chances?</p>

<p>I think I summed up 99% of threads, correct?</p>

<p>Ummm....you just summed up what my story was....haha.</p>

<p>No i posted before I saw yours, and in reality, its what everyones is</p>

<p>^ hahhaa i knew that!:P but i post tons of threads on CC and then i realized how awful i messed up in HS (this year and half of the last) :[[[ so going to a CC/low tier in state school might be my second chance...so i can get into where i'd like :)</p>

<p>Why do i feel like transferring is going to turn into something popular now...? lol.</p>

<p>All too often on this forum I feel like a lot of users:
1) Don't like to accept personal responsibility for their part.
2) Are overly concerned about petty issues, and about prestige (especially all of the users who want an Ivy for the sake of getting an Ivy degree).</p>

Thanks for this thread. I think you hit onto a lot of truth with the first post.</p>

<p>Posting a "what are my chances thread" is actually quite redundant, in a sense. Although I am sure their are a few ppl who actually want a correct estimation of what their actual chance of being accepted to a school is, a majority of us ( I myself may be guilty of this) just want our confidence built up. Rarely do we see a fellow poster not sugar coat their response, and when they do, the original poster, the chancee feels as if their realistic opinion is an affront upon their very being.</p>