Typical "Will you read over my Common App essay?" thread.

<p>Hey there!</p>

<p>I'm looking to get some feedback on my Common Application essay. The copy I have to send you is very literally my first draft, so any criticism (no matter how harsh or lax) will be appreciated. I'm going to have my parents read over it, but I obviously would like to get more than just their opinions on the essay.</p>

<p>Please let me know and I'll PM it to you, if that's alright.</p>

<p>Sure send it over to me.</p>

<p>Thank you so much, I'll do that momentarily. Anyone else willing to edit or give me some feedback?</p>

<p>I will, but you might hear back from me late tonight because somehow the iphone app for CC can't open pms.
If you dont mind hearing back a bit later, I will be willing to read it.
Or I can read immediately, but the critique would be posted here... in public... XD</p>

<p>Haha unfortunately, since it's a first draft, I'm not that confident in my writing. I can PM it to you, or if it's easier, you could PM me your email and I could send it there? Whatever you're comfortable with. I'd just like to get feedback from as many people as I can as quickly as possible. Thank you!</p>

You can pm me the essay, and i can read it through my email. I think i can send pms, but if not i'll do it to tonight when i get home XD</p>

<p>Thanks! I'll send it over shortly. Anyone else?</p>

<p>I hate doing this, but bump...</p>

<p>And another bump.</p>

<p>"Should get to yours within the hour." If you cannot comply with your offer of reviewing essays please do not let the other person waiting...it is a courtesy aspect.</p>

<p>To create expectations as the above should follow with:
"I have received so many request concerning reviewing essays that now I cannot review anymore essays. Please get somebody else that can help you."</p>

I'm unable to review more essays due to new commitments.
Sorry you have been waiting but I'm not longer reviewing essays during the holidays.</p>

<p>In the working world compliance with expectations or promises are expected.
There is not a contract here, but the "review" was offered in an hour.
An explanation of the impossibility to comply was expected.</p>

<p>Best resources: Use your family members, couselors, teachers to review your essays.</p>

<p>i'm guessing the above post was meant for zapurdead's closed thread</p>

<p>I'm really hoping so, because otherwise this makes no sense...</p>

<p>Bumping... I have a new draft I'd really like someone to read.</p>

<p>you can pm it to me</p>

<p>Thanks for all your input! I have what I think could possibly be a final draft. Anyone willing to give me some feedback?</p>