Typically how many undergrad years?

Typically how many years are required for pharmacy school? According to Purdue pre-pharm, only 2 years is required for the pre-pharm curriculum along with core classes? Is this normal or do people still go for the 3 years or bachelor?

Here’s the link to the pre-pharm curriculum: https://www.pharmacy.purdue.edu/future-students/programs/pre-pharm/curriculum

It depends on the pharmacy school, some like Ohio State require a bachelor’s degree.

Others require 2-3 years of study to satisfy the number of prerequisites needed for pharmacy school admission.

And some are 0-6 programs in which you are directly admitted to the D.Pharm program and receive a bachelor’s degree after four or five years en route to the D,Pharm.

There isn’t a fast track through Pharmacy. If you go through some of these programs, then expect a year round program.

You go year-round no breaks during the summer.


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