Typing Application

<p>How did you guys actually fill in the top part of the teacher forms, SSR report, etc. It opens in Adobe Acrobat but there is no way to type in that program. I don't have Adobe Pro or Photoshop, so what should I do? Did anyone hand-write them? Thanks!</p>

<p>in that case, handwrite, makes no difference.</p>

<p>Handwrite them</p>

<p>Actually, I just downloaded a free trial of pro and I was able to type text boxes in. Only question, how do I print it with the text boxes still there? Every time I try it places them either off to the side or on another page as "comments." Thanks!</p>

<p>your question is not clear. explain and i mighr be able to help you.</p>

<p>Oh never mind, I just figured it out. I can't believe I did, actually, because I'm really not that good at computers. Thanks for trying to help though, Simba. </p>

<p><em>very impressed with self</em></p>

<p>Another ridiculous question, but how the heck do you get the mailing labels to work? Am I missing something? What size labels do you need to buy?</p>

<p>You should be impressed.</p>

<p>Go to Walmart.....buy Avery White Mailing labels # 18160 (1" x 2 5/8") size.</p>

<p>Next got to MS word. Tools---->Letters and Mailing ---->Envelopes and Mailing. Go to labels tab. Select Full Page or Single Mailing. Go to options tab and select your lable #. If you can't find it pick any one with the 1" x 2 5/8" size.</p>


<p>You may have to put the label sheet either face up or down depending on the printer.</p>

<p>Hope this helps.</p>

<p>Wow. You really know your stuff! Thank you so much!</p>

<p>hmm that seems like a good idea! i just printed mine on the envelope, but i'm sure the label would look much nicer!</p>

<p>You guys are silly. Put your energy into your essays and other parts of the application that are actually important. No "real" admissions officers will see the beautiful labels on your envelops.</p>

<p>^ lol very true...but that's the only fun part!</p>