Typo In common app activity name

I made a typo in the activity name, one of the letters in the name got omitted. Because the name of the activities is spelled in another language, virtually nothing would show up if you google it. However, the College I applied to does ask for a resume submission as well. And I am pretty sure I spelled it right on the resume. How much is this typo going to matter? Should I call admission and explain?

I don’t think this will make a big difference. Having one typo will not make or break your application. Fun fact: I had a typo in the description for one of my activities and I still made it into college.

@wildaises This is somewhat of a different case as unlike English, not every AO would be familiar with the language and be able to piece together the spelling from context.

Just send a quick email to Admissions stating that the activity name is blank on Common App but should actually be blank and you wanted to correct this as it is in another language.

Assuming you used the description section to describe the activity, I would not worry. AO’s aren’t Googling every entry in the 10 minutes they have to review an application.

How does this relate to a missing letter?