typo in rec letter from professor?

help - typo in rec letter.


A teacher from my summer math program wrote me a recommendation. He is currently teaching at UW and had previously taught at MIT, and U chicago. He praised me highly; however, he had a typo with my name, that it looked like he did it on purpose. He had my name spelt RIGHT in the first paragraph during the introduction; ever since that, he spelt it differently. He combined the FIRST letter of my first name and the LAST TWO letters of my last name… (my only has 3 letters each for the first and last name) Is that a major issue? or should i just ignore it thinking maybe he just called me by that?

My name is very hard to pronounce b/c it’s just my Chinese name.

<p>Most typos in recco letters are not a problem, but in this case I'd point to out to him right away. If he doesn't get your name right, it might look like he does not really know you.</p>